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Zhuzhou more than a small area of direct drinking water dispenser expert: the proposed water boil drink original title: Survey: self selling water dispenser to sell water, can rest assured to drink it? Yesterday, Ms. Zhang call the evening news hotline 28829110 reflect: residential installation of self-help drinking fountains, water people said, this is weak alkaline water, and spring water almost, drink is good for your health, especially for the elderly and children. I don’t know, this water is good in the end? The public doubts: self-service sale of water quality is good in the end? Ms. Zhang lived in Hetang District Rose City District, the District installed at the end of September, the name is "day Quan" brand TTRO50 type reverse osmosis drinking water self water machine, filled with water at the scene take the water electrolyzer experiment with tap water, tap water into green, black, brown three. See the water so dirty, Ms. Zhang took their own water purifier filtered water to detect, the results of the water is green. Can be used with the other side of the water to do the test, the water will not change color. Ms. Zhang is confused, the drinking water is so magical? Ms. Zhang, who said the water self sale water purified water, spring water is simulated, containing trace elements needed by human body, weakly alkaline, is the most appropriate body of water, especially the elderly and children. Self selling water machine above the national patent, nine filters, very tall on the feeling." 9:30 yesterday morning, live in cities rose the next village Wu, with buckets to water irrigation machine self sale. She said, before the old water felt a rust taste, no smell of the water. The use of recharge cards, then, the more money into the inside, the more preferential water, a one-time charge of 2000 yuan, a barrel of water is only $7.5 yuan." Reporter: two self-service vending machines to health permits have expired the fresh buffet water machine, looks a bit like ATM, now in the area of our city coverage more widely, especially in the old district. Two days ago, the reporter visited a number of residential areas, to see a lot of this self-service water dispenser. Located in the Rose City District "day Quan" direct drinking water machine, the machine body is advertising, mainly explains the vending machine 24 hours of drinking water, and claimed that "healthy water, weak sweet". In the lower right corner of the fuselage, there is a daily spring inspection report registration form, which records the date of detection, TDS (total dissolved solids) data, pH, operation and health. From the current registration situation, in October 2nd and in October 8th have been detected. At the door and Huaguoshan area in the fort Shambaugh residential door, the installation of a "gemei" brand GM-RO-400 type self sale water drinking water machine. The machine body are not "water purification work attendance table", only to replace the filter in the schedule. Self water machine is how to carry out filtering, after filtering the water quality? The reporter from the official website of the Ministry of Health informed, if the sale of wading products, inspection report to the Ministry of health health wading product license and the provincial cdc. Yesterday, the reporter saw the water quality test report of the Anhui provincial CDC in "gemei body;" day Quan "responsible person Mr. Wu, provide water quality testing, food quality supervision and Inspection Institute told reporters.相关的主题文章:

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