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Yunyang is the most beautiful city of golden couple and ladder ten of the most beautiful family ceremony – Chongqing Channel – Chongqing in October 10, "if I can live for twenty years, I would still love him." In October 9th 99, the Double Ninth Festival, Yunyang county is the most beautiful golden couple Contest cum ladder city ten most beautiful family awards ceremony was held in the capital square, on the big screen, 30 of the most beautiful golden couple VCR playing, every picture, every word very warm, touched every one of the audience. City deputy secretary of the county women’s Federation Xie Xiaoxi, Tang Hongyong, vice chairman of the county people’s Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Chen Shuquan, deputy magistrate Liu Xinmin, county CPPCC Vice Chairman Jia Xiaoying attended the event. Xie Xiaoxi said that in recent years, the city’s Municipal Women’s Federation to further promote the family construction work, in 3 years, there are 36 households in Chongqing was awarded the "most beautiful family" honorary title, 300 households in Chongqing was awarded the "most beautiful family" honorary title. She believes that Yunyang attaches great importance to the work of family construction, with innovative ways to create a more vivid, more down to earth family building service brand, is worthy of promotion. She hoped that in the future work, launched a wide range of public participation to expand; typical training, strengthen demonstration lead; focus on publicity, consolidate the results of the activities, so that the core values of socialism rooted in each family. Tang Hongyong on behalf of the county Party committee and government to obtain "the most beautiful golden couple" and "ladder city ten most beautiful family" family of congratulations, he said, activities since the start of March, the majority of urban and rural families responded enthusiastically, these families never abandon love experience, stand together through storm and stress touching story, self-reliance poverty deeds won social praise. Set a good example for the family, hope the vast family as an opportunity to promote family virtues, create a good social atmosphere, ecological economy demonstration county construction with urban and rural spiritual strength. The same day, capital square is decorated the scene of a large outdoor wedding, red carpet shop in the middle of the flowers and 30 couple wedding photo placed on both sides of the warm and romantic atmosphere full of the entire site. Ni Zhongde, Yan Huaizhen couple, Xiong Liyuan and his wife Fang Xuying, 30 of the most beautiful golden couple dressed in suits, dresses, his face filled with a happy smile on the red carpet slowly forward, even if some of the old action is not convenient, but the family’s arm, still smiling to walk to the guests. The audience on both sides of a warm welcome, we are immersed in the romantic atmosphere of joy. As the VCR show, the golden couple story was a show in front of everyone, the audience sometimes smile, sometimes moved to tears, scenes pictures of joy, sweet and happy to show to a climax. "My father and mother of more than and 70, before the poor, the bear bitter hardships our 6 brothers and sisters up, can not enjoy these activities, this round a dream for many years, mom and dad very happy, we are also very happy." Tan Shiqiang’s eldest daughter, Tan Shulan, said excitedly. It is understood that the organizers recruited 70 of marriageable age in 50 years and older couples loving harmony within the county, through online voting and organizing committee, final)相关的主题文章:

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