Yes You Too Can Learn How To Potty Training A Puppy With Ease!

Potty Training A Puppy… There are a number of reasons why dogs have problems with inappropriate urination and in some cases defecation. Unfortunately most dog owners don’t understand why this happens and are unsure what to do. It can even happen to dogs that have been trained and housebroken. Many dog owners who are unable to address the problem simply take their dog to the pound as they assume there is no alternative to the problem that they are unable to solve. Unwanted urination is a very .mon problem that many dog owners face and is more .mon than most people would assume. You will need to eliminate any medical reasons first, as there could be bladder infections that are causing the urination, but aside from that there are other reasons why dogs will urinate. One of the most .mon reasons for a dog to lose control of it’s bladder is from excitement and you will generally see this happen a lot more with puppies. With puppies this is a lack of bladder control that will generally stop, as they get older. Puppies are often unaware that they are urinating when they get excited and to reprimand them for doing this will cause confusion. To get angry with your dog for excitement urination can lead to other problems where the dog will begin to urinate from submissiveness rather than excitement thereby creating another problem that will need to be addressed. With excitement urination the best cure is prevention and that is achieved by not allowing your dog to get overly excited. And the best way to stop your dog getting over excited in certain circumstances is to expose him/her to those situations more often until they no longer get excited to the extent that they urinate. Puppies will eventually grow out of excitement urination as they develop better bladder control. Submissive urination is something that is .mon in the wild, where dogs, being pack animals, show their submissiveness to the leader of the pack by lowering themselves and urinating. Where a dog is showing signs of submissive urination this is effectively a sign of insecurity and is very often associated with dogs that have been abused. It can be difficult to correct submissive urination and quite often the best method is to ignore what is happening and focus on developing a better relationship with your pet and help to build it’s self confidence. Why You Should Choose A Toronto Dog Kennel By: vikram kumar – Toronto dog kennels are a great place to leave your dog when you go away for an extended period of time. 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