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Yang Yangqi "cloud of Han Dynasty" eighty million "Wu moving" claims nearly billion – Sohu Yang Yang entertainment "Wu move back" poster Sohu All Star Entertainment according to exploration reports, recent hot little meat Yang Yang today and took the magistrate Zhang Li’s heavyweight IP drama "Wu," the actor, but he and another hot shot in the "sword of the Han cloud" the legendary drama side seems to have completely ended the lawsuit. According to the circle of insiders broke the news "cloud of Han Dynasty" is the man Yang Yang, but Yang Yangfang signed the $ten million double in the contract, and no acceptable drama drama now is preparing to sue the Juyan, Yang Yangfang, claims the amount of fear of nearly one hundred million yuan price! Yang Yang paid eighteen years leap from "4 million 500 thousand" slightly soared to eighty million according to "Wu moving" within the circle of insiders broke the news, Yang Yang early last year signed a "slightly" when the fee of only 4 million 500 thousand, the second half approached the "cloud of Han Dynasty" when the fee has risen to ten million, the first Yang Yang brokerage firm yoursky promised to play entertainment is the party’s actor Yang Yang, Victoria Song and Ying Er are participating, but then yoursky entertainment by Yang Yang fans "wool" to the Yang Song cooperation by Victoria Song and Ying Er. Insiders broke the news at the end of last year, Yang Yangfang to Yang Yang more and more red grounds, require the original ten million fee doubled, the drama side of Shanghai new culture group agreed. The crew was scheduled after the Spring Festival on the eve of the Spring Festival which know Yang Yangfang suddenly without the Juyan drama, drama side has repeatedly communicate, Yang Yangfang still insist on breach of contract, but refused to play, said may in accordance with the contract with price paid compensation for loss of crew. Yang Yang received the "cloud of Han Dynasty", the fee rose to ten million.   circle insider also broke the news, Yang Yangfang on the "Han" series of breach of contract, at the same time, "" choose day mind to find him, he quoted reached seventy million, he finally took to 7500-8000 million fee "martial". "Chinese opera" exposed the party to sue Yang Yangfang claims nearly billion yuan while Yang Yangfang "Han drama" Juyan would compensate the original fee, but the drama side said enough! According to the circle of insiders broke the news, drama now generally attitude is because a delay yet, the crew from the original after the Spring Festival until the end of May start, but after the Spring Festival, the crew has been built in the group, making a few months can not boot costs: greatly enhance the copyright renewal cost increases; the whole group staff salaries for hours increased; around the Yang Yang expansion of some scenery, costume design should also be full cost borne by Yang Yangfang. In summary, according to insiders broke the news, drama that Yang Yangfang if only pay 889 cannot make up for their losses, so the drama founder in gathering evidence, Yang Yangfang has entered the stage of the proceedings, is expected next month at the beginning of the formal lawsuit litigation up to tens of millions or even nearly billion yuan, called the entertainment and a lawsuit of price. Yang Yangfang responded unexpectedly: with the Chinese drama party has to talk about the new cooperation last… Insider above the news is true? All star exploration has been trying to interview the drama, but the drama has always insisted that the current is not convenient to accept an interview, will soon give an account of all the media". Today this storm scout and exclusive interview with Yang Yang brokerage]相关的主题文章:

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