Xuzhou Kaiyuan two young construction scale quasi 8 Track System of 48 classes mkdv-02

Xuzhou Kaiyuan two young construction scale quasi 8 Track 48 class Kaiyuan two renderings. Newspaper reporter Lu Ming photo in September 26th, in 2016 the city key construction projects — the second construction project bidding started Kaiyuan, started a comprehensive plan in October, the construction period of one year. The total investment of about 70 million 500 thousand yuan of new primary school to develop the scale of the school for the 8 Track System of 48 classes. The second is located at Kaiyuan Kaiyuan District on the north side of the four seasons, a total construction area of 18716.26 square meters, respectively, for the teaching building, comprehensive building, multi-purpose conference room and gymnasium. Among them, the teaching building of 9172.32 square meters, an integrated building of 3488.94 square meters, the wind and rain playground of 1030 square meters. In addition, there are 4060.77 square meters underground garage, the total number of parking spaces for a total of 117, including fixed parking spaces on the ground floor of the car, underground parking spaces of 96 vehicles in the fixed area of 21. Greening rate 35%. Kaiyuan two with multiple teaching space three-dimensional design philosophy, "three-dimensional" is the efficient use of space, "multiple" emphasizes the diversity of teaching space. The design goal is "Kaiyuan 2 to create a healthy and comfortable, flexible teaching environment". The overall layout of the school, including the main entrance of the school in the south side of the field, the stadium used in the west side of the layout, teaching buildings and other buildings in the eastern side of the layout. This layout makes full use of the depth of the sports field, which not only blocks the noise of urban roads, but also creates the conditions for the image display of the school. The north and South corridor running through the school is divided into two major areas, namely, the west side of the moving area, including the 200 meters of the stadium; the eastern side of the quiet area, teaching area. Two teaching buildings and comprehensive building with "E" shape north and South layout, the playground is located in the south of the playground, multi-purpose conference room is located on the eastern side of the entrance plaza. The buildings are connected by a corridor, which can be used independently and conveniently. The architecture of the school pays attention to unity. In architectural style, the use of elegant Chinese style. On the construction of economy, Kaiyuan small building to meet the basic function of the building as the premise, no special building facade, simple atmosphere, low cost, through the different building enclosed space to create the unique features of school. The color with cold colors, reflecting the school takes a hundred years of rigorous. (Lu Ming)相关的主题文章:

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