Xinyang 24 weeks pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy weighing only 0.9 kg

Xinyang women’s 24 weeks of pregnancy, birth to a baby boy weighing only 0.9 kg of Xinyang news network October 21st news (reporter trainee reporter Liu Xiang Wang Lingyun) 30 cm long, weighs 0.9 kilograms, in the mother’s stomach for 24 weeks and came to this world, as soon as the morning of October 14th, across the glass, the reporter saw the baby was born 6 days in the Xinyang Central Hospital neonatal intensive care unit. In October 7th, 24 weeks pregnant Hu Yujie (a pseudonym) experienced no precursory contractions and pain after the county hospital referral to the Central Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 8 days from the date of birth in the night. Carry a baby is very strong "two major difficulties when they transferred amniotic fluid are broken, but we insist on miscarriage, after a night of twins, more severe contractions, can only be born into the delivery room, soon the child head out. I didn’t have any hope." Here comes Hu Yujie choked, "unexpectedly, he cried so much after birth. I hugged him with a needle inserted by hand, he is very sensitive, I feel, still grasping my thumb." "I didn’t expect the child to be so strong," he said. "We’ve been successful in treating premature babies for 27 weeks before, but this is the first time for a small child. If he is able to survive, it may be the smallest premature infant in our province." Children’s resident, the Central Hospital pediatric intensive care unit physician Sun Junwei told reporters. It is understood that China is more than the gestational age of < 37 weeks (259 days) of the birth of the newborn known as premature infants, this definition does not consider weight. The foreign premature gestational age 20 weeks less than 37 weeks, weight in 500g to less than 2500g. Among them, the gestational age of less than 32 weeks, said the very preterm infants. This baby is a very premature baby. When a child is born, skin cyanosis, breathing, poor response, only the Apgar score of 5. Children in the hospital, we give the application of pulmonary surfactant and mechanical ventilation treatment." Sun Junwei told reporters. At present, the baby by breathing machine to help breathing oxygen, anti infective drugs, improve breathing, circulation of drugs and intravenous nutrition support treatment. After checking the child again, Sun Junwei told reporters, his breathing, body temperature, heart rate, stool and other vital signs are currently normal, but still very weak." According to Dr. Sun, the birth of a premature baby has to go through breathing, feeding, infection, comprehensive evaluation and other major difficulties. Spent 6 days in the security room, the baby has been a strong situation is more optimistic, the indicators tend to be stable, has been able to trace oral feeding, breathing, feeding the top two difficulties have been broken. Do not give up do not abandon parents very awesome "I hope to treat the child’s mother and baby, here, begged the hospital leadership to the treatment team, special infant care for special treatment! The baby is too small, and my mother will fully cooperate with the child’s treatment, accept any treatment results in the hospital may! Under the care of the leadership, staff’s care, the baby can grow up healthily……" In the child’s mother Hu Yujie delivery room, the reporter saw the letter from the child’s father, Huang Wencheng (a pseudonym) Autographed letter of request. )相关的主题文章:

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