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Xi’an haze yellow warning haze days, we should pay attention to what winter comes, haze will also increase, may be asked why the winter haze will be particularly serious? Haze source: first is the car exhaust, large car diesel emission is PM10 "repeat"; the second is the waste gas generated by burning coal for the winter heating; third industrial emissions; fourth is the construction site and road traffic dust; the fifth is the growth of particles, bacteria and virus particle the size equivalent to pm0.1 – pm2.5. What harm does haze cause to our body? Can cause respiratory tract disease, can also cause cardiovascular disease; cause bacterial diseases, cancer risk also increased; the haze weather is depressed, will make people feel uneasy, because affect people’s mood is very vulnerable to the weather, air pollution, haze and dark, the mood will become low, things start to lack of vitality. In fog and haze, what should we pay attention to? First of all, haze weather, we can eat some Qingfei food, such as white radish, white radish mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, with the promotion of digestion, enhance appetite and cough expectorant role. You can also eat Sydney has the heart moistening lung, large intestine, cough and phlegm, throat dryness, fire wind and other effects. Lily can improve lung antitoxic ability, like stewed pears, sugar fritillary Snow Pear and Lily Bulb Soup are traditional lung detoxification food. Haze weather, we should also protect ourselves, as far as possible to avoid outdoor sports, go out must have masks, multi layer mask, the best, every day to be cleaned. Haze days is not easy to open the window ventilation, entered the room to wash hands, try to breathe through your nose, because the nose has nose and mucus, can adsorption of harmful substances in the air at the same time, we also need to add water, accelerate the metabolism of the body.

西安雾霾黄色预警了 雾霾天我们应该注意什么寒冬来临,雾霾也随之加重,可能会有人问为什么冬天的雾霾会特别严重呢?雾霾的来源:第一是汽车的尾气,使用柴油的大型车是排放pm10的“重犯”;第二是冬季烧煤供暖所产生的废气;第三是工业产生排放的废气;第四是建筑工地和道路交通产生的扬尘;第五是可生长颗粒,细菌和病毒的粒径相当与pm0.1—pm2.5。 雾霾对我们人体又有什么危害?会诱发呼吸道的疾病,也会引发心脑血管的疾病;引发各种细菌性的疾病,患癌症的风险也从而增高;雾霾天气比较压抑,会使人心情烦躁,因为人的心情很容易受到天气的影响,雾霾天气阴暗,空气污浊,人的情绪也会变得低落,做起事情来缺乏活力。 在雾霾天气,我们要注意哪些?首先,雾霾天气我们可以吃些清肺食品,如白萝卜,白萝卜中的芥子油,淀粉酶和粗纤维,具有促进消化,增强食欲和止咳化痰的作用。也可以吃雪梨具有清心润肺、利大小肠、止咳清痰、清喉降火、润燥消风等功效。百合则可以提高肺脏抗毒能力,而像川贝冰糖炖梨、雪梨炖百合都是传统的肺部排毒食品。 雾霾天气我们也要保护好自己,尽量避免室外运动,外出一定要带口罩多层面纱口罩最好,每天均要清洗。雾霾天也不易开窗通风,进屋就洗脸洗手,尽量多用鼻子呼吸,因为鼻子有鼻毛和粘液,可以吸附空气中有害物质,同时我们也要多加喝水,加快身体代谢。相关的主题文章:

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