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Xiamen city yesterday was "playing a" code "sagishima fog" – the day yesterday, Xiamen in the fog, visibility is generally low yesterday day, from morning to night, the sky in Xiamen is "fog", the entire island like playing like mosaic, visibility is generally low. Once, the lowest visibility in some areas of Xiamen Island only tens of meters. This is the fog or haze? The naked eye, but also really do not come out, have to rely on the data speak. Low visibility fog with full   from the Xiamen Municipal Meteorological Observatory yesterday’s data, the average air humidity east station reached 91%, before 7 in the morning when the air humidity is above 95%, yesterday morning minimum visibility of 1940 meters, reaching the level of mist. In contrast, the island’s visibility is poor, much less than 1000 meters, the Haicang Wenpu mountain, Dong Fang Xiao Ping An, Tongan Forest Park yesterday, even the lowest visibility less than 100 meters. Air humidity, low visibility, such data prove that Xiamen is indeed in the fog. Xiamen meteorological observatory yesterday morning also released a heavy yellow warning signal, until nearly 10 before lifting. However, as the sun came out, the island is still in the "fog", visibility is poor, it is not only the cause of fog. Data show that some of the air quality monitoring site in Xiamen yesterday, in part of the test data showed mild pollution, the other is also a good level. Expert analysis, foggy weather yesterday, despite the fog, but I am afraid it is not only the composition of fog. Hot and strong sense of   the average temperature is high not only in fog, and hot, this let Xiamen buddies miss the simple but beautiful words — an invigorating autumn climate. Although now to the end of October, but the temperature is still high in Xiamen yesterday, the Meteorological Environment Research Institute Jimei City District station the high temperature of 33.6 DEG C to central meteorological station also reached 29.3 degrees. Public Ms. Lee said that these days do not open the air conditioning in the evening, it is really uncomfortable to sleep. You know, in late October for more than a week’s time, the average temperature in Xiamen reached 26.3 degrees, while the perennial is a temperature of 21.9 degrees, has been significantly higher. The main reason is high, the cold air gap, Xiamen was a strong control over the warm air, mainly for the south wind, so still the air temperature is higher. Xiamen east station today air humidity all day long to keep in the 91% level, the air humidity is very large. Xiamen City Meteorological Station senior engineer Yin Lie said that in the warm air under the control of Xiamen ground small wind, coupled with the existence of inversion layer on the ground, so there are two consecutive days of fog. The wind is approaching   bring an invigorating autumn climate but there is also a good news, it will return an invigorating autumn climate. Yin Lie introduction, from today until 31, Xiamen will be in the South under the control of cold air, during which the minimum temperature will drop about 4 degrees Celsius, reaching about 20 degrees celsius. This is only the beginning of the cold air in the North followed by frequent activity, November chart相关的主题文章:

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