Women’s 16 floor window hanging a line of firefighters hanging high rescue rope 444kk.com

The women’s 16 floor window hanging overhead rope rescue firefighters in October 27th 10 o’clock in the morning, Xuzhou Wang Jing garden A building 16 upstairs happened at the scene, a woman climbed to the balcony outside the window to commit suicide, while firefighters arrived, the woman curled up in the window on the stage, the scene is signs of danger appearing everywhere. In Xuzhou Wang Jing Garden Block A downstairs and looked up to, can be seen in the 16 floor of the window table, a red woman curled up in a corner, low-spirited, a pensive look. After receiving the alarm, police and firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue. A firefighter from the 17 floor window pulls out, docked at the 16 floor window platform, ready to implement high altitude rescue. See this breathtaking scene, the residents downstairs are extremely nervous. In order not to disturb the woman, firefighters first is carefully rolled into the women’s distance to tens of centimeters place, trying to slowly put the safety belt tied to the woman. And at this time from the woman turned to the window has been more than an hour, when she looked very weak. In the end, the two firefighters in cooperation, the woman was successfully rescued. One insider said, the house is a company employee dormitory, the woman intended to commit suicide, or because of emotional problems encountered.相关的主题文章:

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