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WIFI in hand go ICBC credit card logo VISA single > > sina finance; credit card; promotions > the WIFI in hand go ICBC credit card logo VISA single     09 2016 14 August   09:28    banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of the starting and ending time. October 15, 2016 Venue: national activities, ICBC credit card logo VISA single platinum, gold cardholders can enjoy 10 days of free overseas WiFi rights. A limited number of first come first served. The activities of free places on September 13, 2016 all send booking channel, temporarily closed, please look forward to next activity. All reservation customers can use the free rights before December 15, 2016.   two, activity time online booking time: from June 28, 2016 to October 15, 2016 customers travel time: from July 1, 2016 to December 15, 2016 note: travel date not later than the scheduled date of 60 days.   three, for customers in mainland Chinese ICBC issued ICBC VISA single platinum credit card and ID card customers.   four, 1 activities that cardholders need at least 3 working days before the trip log in ICBC VISA single credit card logo exclusive event page (2 for the preferential activities during the holidays and other holidays, such as labor day etc.. 3 if more than the number of days of free use of foreign WiFi, the cardholder needs to pay online. 4 due to the WiFi equipment for leasing services, customers need to be online delivery of each equipment deposit; if the device is lost, then the full deposit. Customers return the same day or the day after the return of the complete set of equipment, the full refund of the deposit. Delay in the return of fees charged in accordance with the standard daily rent. 5 during the event, each card can only enjoy a 1 discount. 6 cardholders can be designated to receive the service counter, the counter attached detailed address.   five, rules 1 online ordering WiFi to verify the ICBC VISA single sign Credit Card Cardholder platinum or gold card customers effectively (card number before 6 to 463231, were: 463232, 413521, 413520), not to participate in the activities of the three. 2 the minimum number of orders for this interest is 3 days. 3 the rights and interests are not transferable, only online booking to enjoy preferential discount, not cash. 4 this interest shall not be used in conjunction with other offers. 5 such as the cancellation of orders, but did not travel cardholders, this interest is still there. 6 "normal" refers to the principle of fair use of local operators, including mobile APP, such as WeChat, micro-blog, browse the web, check e-mail, a bit:相关的主题文章:

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