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Why is Lin Miaoke event pot parents and society had to back the Sina entertainment column boiled two days before the eight film and television, "people" magazine published an article in an interview with Lin Miaoke’s mother, all of a sudden the deep eight Jun memories to 8 years ago. She was a Beijing Olympic Games on the national child, now almost to the bottom. Life is so unpredictable. At that time many people envy, this girl is only 9 years old on such a high starting point of life, the future will be. Never thought 8 years later look back, but found that she was 9 years old when her life could be reached the highest point, the glorious memories may be repeated forever is the instant stage. Mother’s story, so many onlookers had suffered many insults Lin Miaoke feel distressed. There are many people from between the lines to see, Lin Miaoke is a good hand to smithereens, blame the parents education. Eileen Chang aunt once said: to be famous as ah, come too late, not so happy excitement. Lin Miaoke reminds us of this reality version, known as early as possible in addition to happiness and the temptation to face all kinds of unexpected events, malicious risk and need to immediately deal with. A child may be a promising occupation, but the premise is: children with parents really ready? — is my personality change line — mother Lin Miaoke said 8 years ago the Olympic storm in an interview: "lip synching from A to Z are not we can control part, they and the children didn’t even know the lip synching. Lin mother of music director Chen Qigang Lin Miaoke later said that singing quite unhappy, but think that things should not blame on Zhang Yimou’s head, because children who finally candidate is the majority of the results of a number of director after the vote. About Chen Qigang and Zhang Yimou who should bear the deep pot, eight Jun without comment. But this thing is not really Lin Miaoke, the adults make the decision, why scold children? But later on the matter is more condemning down upon Lin Miaoke. More innocent is another little girl Yang Peiyi. She is a real master song but not to show up, lost the chance of fame. But 8 years after her quiet life, academic achievements, admitted to the cattle X people’s University attached middle school, Misfortune may be an actual blessing.. Lin mother talked about all sorts of malicious Lin Miaoke fame after the encounter for the first time in the interview, she claimed to have a classmate because parents always take Lin Miaoke as an example, to students in the class against isolated Lin Miaoke, even in the playground put her hands tied behind on drag, face down broken. Lin mother said Lin Miaoke had thought that the face can not break the next party, the show group with a pair of red rimmed glasses to cover her wounds, or on the. Know the users @ Enron found records of Lin Miaoke’s blog, at the age of 10, wearing a red rimmed glasses to attend activities. From this picture, she seems to have a scar. Blog was issued in May 27, 2009, and according to the relevant news reports, the event was held in May 26th. The day before the blog, Lin Miaoke’s face is good)相关的主题文章:

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