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Business The electronic cigarette industry started to boom almost 6 months ago, with many electronic cigarette .panies reporting exponential growth in sales. Their popularity seems to be correlated with the realisation that they offer an effective nicotine delivery system and the increasing taxation of tobacco products it leaves people with no choice but to seek a cheaper alternatives. The electronic cigarette industry, like the gold rush of the southern states of America, has seen a massive increase in new electronic cigarette .panies importing products from China. Leaving a lot of people wondering which electronic cigarette is best and who can you trust. Many electronic cigarette review sites are created by electronic cigarette .panies looking to increase sales through hashing out false e-cig reviews. This is where Which Electronic Cigarette enters stage left. We are a UK registered and based .pany specialising in up to date electronic cigarette and e cig reviews for 2012. We provide a .pletely independent e cig review service and provide an outlet for your electric cigarette users and customers to give their thoughts on an impartial review site. We promote .petition in the growing electric cigarette industry and do our best to promote only the .panies that offer good customer service and quality product. Our handy league table ranks electronic cigarette .panies based on the electronic cigarette users reviews we receive and the e cigarette reviews that we produce. You can see all our reviews in our Which Electronic Cigarette Reviews Section. Which electronic cigarette allows people to get the best prices on your electronic cigarette kit. So we have produced regularly updated .parison tables .paring the prices of electronic cigarette kits, refills, e filters, cartomizers and cartridges. So you know where you can get the best electronic cigarette kit and the cheapest price. We also urge consumers to think of the cost of electronic cigarette refills and cartridges, when making a purchase. They are the biggest expense in making the switch to e cigarettes. All e cigarettes offer a discount on smoking standard tobacco cigarettes. We .pare the prices of every electric cigarette .pany we have reviewed so far, to ensure you get the best price per puff. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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