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When the giant Tencent choose cloud cloud computing? In the end of the Mobile Games means what Sohu technology recently, the giant network Nebula studio head Hu Yuanxing guest Tencent will cloud the interview room, cloud Tencent vice president Ceng Jiaxin, in the interview, Hu Yuanxing reviewed 12 years of his career some giant memorable events, in addition also talked about cloud computing for the entire game industry promotion. Which he referred to a point of view: hand travel is very suitable for public cloud. In the second industrial revolution, an important symbol is the extensive use of electric power and the invention of internal combustion engines, in simple terms, is water, electricity, coal began to spread to all corners. From this round of Mobile Games business, is the same as water, electricity, coal has been popular, the development of cloud computing technology, to a certain extent help entrepreneurial team in a way to solve a big problem. In a grand example end tour era of entrepreneurship is not to want to do it in the interview, Hu Yuanxing actually talked about this point of view, he is also a presentation, review at the beginning of the hardships of the giant. Among them, when the giant as a start-up company, no money, there is no technology. Two years ago, only to buy the white shell server on the market, buy CPU to come back to their assembly, but also to set up the server between each province. And when it comes to Shanghai another gaming giant "grand history", is Chen Tianqiao $300 thousand for having heard it many times from the story, after Chen Tianqiao will be $300 thousand for the purchase of all agency legend, his next face the embarrassment is no money to buy a huge amount of funds required for the server. And he solved the way is to hold a contract with the South Korean side to find the wave, DELL, told them that I want to operate the Korean game, apply for a trial machine two months." As soon as they saw it was an international contract, they agreed. And then take the server contract, in the same way to find China Telecom talk. China Telecom finally gave a grand two month test period free bandwidth trial. In the end of the company’s travel business, almost all of them have suffered server problems. If such a way to continue to hand travel era, we do not know whether there will be so much of the birth of the tour company. And this is just one aspect, in the exclusion of money buying a server on the server, and takes the human and all other issues, another peak problem can cause great distress to the Mobile Games company. The same in a grand example, a grand legend in virtue of fame, there are huge funds to purchase their own servers, and in front of these servers as the saying is for the peak and reserve. But most of the time, the server is furnished, so from this point you can understand why Chen Tianqiao in some sense to do entertainment empire, assisted between each business is the main reason, the allocation of resources between the server utilization is another reason. But this problem is more serious in Mobile Games, peak peak and valley to the end of the tour may gap is not large, after all 1 million of the online at the same time has peaked, but Mobile Games online at the same time, about 5 million are not too much.相关的主题文章:

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