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Web-Design After being in business as a Portland Oregon Web Design professional for over 26 years there are a few tips that I would like to share with aspiring web designers. As a lot of web designers are freelancers, being a good business person is one of the skills needed to be truly successful at be.ing a website designer. First of all be.ing a web designer that generates most of your work as a freelancer requires a great deal of business skills and a professional attitude. This is where even the most experienced web designers fall short. Website design .panies have a well deserved bad reputation for being flaky. What I mean by flaky is that most web designers are very hard to pin down and get a phone call answered. Being in business for yourself automatically puts you in a position that requires being very accessible. Make it easy for your clients both new and current to contact you. Owners websites are a very personal thing, and are emotional about them. Maintain regular business hours. If for some reason you cannot answer the phone when a customer calls, make sure you return the call as soon as possible. This in its self will make you stand out in the crowd of web designers that do not practice this in their business. Content management systems are be.ing the norm and industry standard for business websites. Many web designers charge more for a CMS over a static website. I highly re.mend developing skills in designing websites in a content management system of your choice. Choose the CMS carefully as there are only a few high-end CMS platforms applicable for a business website. Joomla is one of the finest CMS available. There is a great deal of documentation as well as classes held around the country that will enable you as a web designer to learn Joomla CMS quickly. Last but certainly not least is if you choose to specialize, or even occasionally develop a business website to learn a little SEO. If you are not inclined to learn SEO at least employ or outsource your clients needs for SEO. Business website need to rank well in the Organic Search Engine to be of any use to them. The sole purpose of a business website is to draw in more client contact and hopefully more sales. You would be doing your clients a major disservice if you are not capable of applying a little SEO to the sites you develop. With these skills developed and practiced you are guaranteed success in be.ing a web designer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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