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"We love it" conference Yuan Hong drama show President Yuan Hong van – Sohu entertainment broadcasting conference Yuan Hong love theater Yuan Hong as time Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Liu Jiang, Zhang Jingchu, Yuan Hong, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin and starring the "we love the city of love drama" launch conference held. Yuan Hong’s overbearing president time in the play, Zhang Jingchu played with the architectural designer Lin smiled love to kill, the common interpretation of a love story The imprint is engraved on my heart. The same day Yuan Hong a dark velvet suit jacket camouflage shirt collocation handsome appearance, fashionable. The conference site, Yuan Hong, Zhang Jingchu and Xinyi Zhang to restore the triangle in the perplexing "small theater" link, and Yuan Hong face around two "partner" as the moment in a dilemma, attracted the presence of the audience’s laughter. "We love it" in time is a typical Virgo, meticulous pursuit of quality of life to let him in the eyes of others is a hypocritical and indifference of the people. And Yuan Hong also exposes himself is a Virgo, in life there are some habits, such as coffee must not add sugar and milk, add will not drink. When it comes to the concept of love in the play, Yuan Hong said that the time was originally a person who does not need to believe that love, but the emergence of the world so that he broke his view of the world, found that a person is very beautiful love. It is reported that the TV drama "we love it" will be on November 7th Hunan TV debut crisis.相关的主题文章:

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