Venus! October 14— 15 city double play landing in Xiamen w32dasm

Venus! October 14 – 15 "city double play" landing in Xiamen in her dance of silence is beautiful, she pours in the drama in the dedication, she will bring you another cognitive tongue senses outside, she is venus! "A double play" Shanghai Venus dance modern dance "tango" Venus, starring Broadway classic comedy adaptation of "dog" charm Sylvia will be on October 14, 2016, 15 days in Xiamen Strait International Conference Center staged a grand hall. It is reported that this performance with Venus and the billing date, "city double play" bursting popularity, multi gear ticket sales. Among them, 180 yuan file tickets have been sold out, only a small number of tickets Tickets remaining files. The performance of the "sea tango" consists of ten independent repertoire. 2004 years so far, Venus with a polished modern dance for the past ten years, sea tango, was invited to tour around the world, causing a sensation! The show sold by the public and the media attention and highly successful. Venus is not only in the dance field can dominate the field, more devoted to the interpretation of drama, she bought a big Broadway drama "Gou Mei Sylvia" copyright, personally playing bitch Sylvia, Venus dance to her people read and read the play sit up and take notice, Venus, will know that one do not have wind venus. In mid October, Shanghai Venus dance "city double play" modern dance "tango" and "Venus starring a city double play" drama "Dog Charm Sylvia" staged at the Xiamen International Conference Center across the hall. Whether you want to see Venus graceful dance, or her wonderful performance, can be in this autumn in the island to personal taste. >相关的主题文章:

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