Two inmates even stole 6 households villas involving one million make a proposal to change an outfit shiyang

Two inmates even stole 6 households villas involving one million make a proposal to change an outfit frequently in the high-end residential villas near the Capitol, wearing a peaked cap escape area monitoring camera, climbing the wall into a house to steal property…… In July this year, Jimo Hot Spring Street near the villa area occurred more than a bizarre theft, two young men riding a motorcycle whereabouts strange, a short stay in the area near they disappeared in the surveillance video, without carrying any items. Immediately involved in the investigation of Jimo City Public Security Bureau police alarm, after 75 hours of continuous Dunshou, finally find out the trajectory of two youth crime, will eventually captured two suspects. The police investigation found that two people pick luxury villas start, involving up to more than one million yuan. Villa incident area after another theft bad, may be a thief!" July 15th at 10 pm, Li Qiang at the end of a night of entertainment, exhausted he returned home in the hot springs is located in Jimo street, in front of the scene so he terrified, the house is a mess, the wardrobe was turned over, gold and silver jewelry inside the cupboard all disappeared, a few bottles of expensive wine take wings to itself. Li Qiang was immediately reported to the police after he discovered the theft. After the alarm, hot springs police station immediately out of the police, the victim asked Li Qiang that home stolen cigarettes, jewelry and other valuables worth more than one hundred thousand yuan. Due to a major case, the police police immediately transfer of residential surveillance video to find clues, and report to the Council by the criminal investigation department to set up a task force. While the police investigation, Spring Street another luxury villas have stolen a toilet, the residents of the home window glass was smashed, the thieves climbed into the window by the residents of the home, the valuables looted. But strange is that monitoring within the district did not capture the suspect image obviously. From the beginning of July, Jimo Jinkou town more than one cell has been stolen came to residents in the news, because these areas are luxury villas, the thieves have succeeded so many owners worried. After the police involved in the investigation, the thieves did not close hand, but become aggravated, this let the police task force under great pressure. After the scene investigation, police found no clues to stay in the scene. But the suspect apparently after the pre check, find out the action law of the victims, while the gap there is no one in the house of crime. "May be an old man, do not rule out theft convictions." Police made a preliminary judgment. After the investigation and monitoring locked mysterious male case occurred, the Jimo Municipal Public Security Bureau to mobilize the police set up a global task force. Task Force Police combing the recent burglary occurred in Jimo, the string of cases, and at the same time according to the time of the incident to sort out a few more valuable video surveillance. Due to the surrounding video surveillance is more difficult for the police to find a suspect. However, through patient video analysis, or find the suspect traces. In a surveillance video, police found two young men driving a motorcycle, respectively at the spa, a residential street in Jimo Jinkou Town, within a short period of time after the cell sojourn quickly left, two people very strange. "Hot two people wearing a hat, cover tightly, don’t seem to be stopping." Police handling the case. Monitor screen also相关的主题文章:

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