Trump said the smooth progress of the transfer of power to the new government personnel will be fina xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Trump said the new government personnel power transfer smoothly or will be finalized in November 9th morning local time, Donald · Hilary · Trump announced that Clinton has phoned him to congratulate him on winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Trump, the Republican candidate for president of the United States, has successfully reversed the unfavorable situation before the election and defeated the Democratic candidate, ·, and; and in the case of the Democratic Party in the United States, Mr. Clinton. In November 17 Xinhua comprehensive report, U.S. President elect Barack Trump said, "the transition smoothly". His transition team said that the new government personnel is expected to be finalized soon. Trump refuted reports of internal strife in the appointment of senior security adviser. Trump’s assistant, Trump is still in his luxurious building is located in New York Manhattan Trump headquarters, foreign leaders call and meeting possible members of the cabinet, and talk with them. Asked whether Trump will disclose the list of 16 new cabinet candidates, the son of Eric, told reporters: "there is a possibility that the possibility of a new cabinet on the list of candidates for the new cabinet will be revealed on." But the former campaign manager, Conway, downplayed the expectation, explaining: "it’s a huge job to form a federal government." She also insisted that the handover is follow the prescribed order. Conway said: "the report said, the work is not carried out smoothly and not really. Everything goes well." Trump criticized the New York Times on social networking sites, saying, "they seem to be stupid about me."". Trump also criticized other media reports that he was helping his three adult children through the advanced security review, saying that this is a typical fake news." Local time on November 10th, U.S. President Obama and President elect Barack Obama in the White House for 1.5 hours of meeting to discuss the transfer of power and other issues of the. Trump, vice president of the 15 floor of the New York, met with the vice president of the, ·, Burns, to discuss the appointment of senior diplomats and national security officials of the problem of. Mr Trump now has only two appointments, and he will soon announce more appointments. He chose Republican National Committee Chairman Puri Bose as White House chief of staff (chief of staff). The appointment was praised by Republican leaders in both houses of congress. Trump nominated Stephen · Bannon served as his chief strategist is caused by Democrats and some Republicans criticized. Bannon is the Trump campaign’s chief executive, he is in the last few months to join the campaign Trump campaign, before he has been the director of the Bret Bart news website. Bannon once described the site as "offbeat right-wing platform". Now there are some questions about whether to nominate New York’s former mayor, Giuliani, as secretary of state. Giuliani, 72, has little experience in foreign policy, but he has been a staunch supporter of Mr Trump during the election campaign, often on television to defend mr."相关的主题文章:

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