Too much attention to the decoration of these designs do not look practical! acbel

Too much attention to the decoration of these designs do not look practical! [introduction] Chu Home Furnishing decoration at the beginning we will have a better idea of their own home, so when the design is can’t help add some beautiful design elements, such as lamp with lamp etc.. Then for a period of time you will find that good ideas would become cumbersome, because there are a lot of design difficult cleaning and become a headache problem, today we have to check the excessive decoration regret. 1, reduce the height of ceiling space storey housing is not high, but still a complicated ceiling, the low layer of gauguin. After admission, feeling a lot of space to reduce the vertical, people feel very depressed. 2, massage bathtub into chicken ribs before the renovation, thinking of the bathroom must install a Jacuzzi, after work can well enjoy it. After the arrival, they found the bathtub rarely, and does not occupy more than half of the bathroom space, and easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices are difficult to clean. 3, the mirror is too much chaos small Huxing large or multi face mirror, can be used to broaden the visual effect of the room, so that the space is bigger. But too many mirrors, easy to produce refraction, people feel uncomfortable, give people a visual confusion and contrast. And too much glass, at home is also very unsafe. 4, lamp, lamp with a decoration in the decoration, in order to create a gorgeous effect, with many outstanding room lights bring a sense of hierarchy, many lamp and lamp installed in the home zone. But after the arrival, to open the lamp usually only when the guests arrive, or holidays for the not normally. 5, the chandelier is hard to see the shape of the complex chandelier is very good looking, but a long time, not only a lot of dust accumulated in the dust and small insects, but also greatly reduced the brightness. While cleaning need to pull the chandelier, fixed by screw blades a piece off, during which time the leaves don’t care was torn, cleaning is very difficult. 6, open the dusty furniture easy dust in the city, every morning after the window, back at home may have deposited a layer of ash. But there are users choose the walk-in closet, open the bookcase furniture, clean the daily amount of multiplication.相关的主题文章:

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