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< > Hsu Chi won the Lotus Village of forgetfulness; artifact Tony Yang ugly funny forgetful village village group photo Hsu Chi and Wang Qianyuan has wonderful scenes like Hsu Chi Chang Hsiao Chuan’s other changeable million heroes fighting skill of the Lin Yiyunwen Sina entertainment news by Hsu Chi [micro-blog], Wang Qianyuan [micro-blog], Chang Hsiao Chuan [micro-blog], Tony Yang Lin Meixiu, who starred in the new year’s film "forgetful village" issued 7 preamble notice, notice of suspense and mystery, Hsu Chi changing shape, sometimes tearful and exaggerated funny dancing; Chang Hsiao Chuan seems to martial arts but screaming; Wang Qianyuan appeared red key to bring the treasure "Lotus artifact"; Tony Yang was buried and stay still be carried all along is funny and funny, more people of this village is what a curious! "Village" to describe the occurrence of forgetful in a small village in the late Qing Dynasty, because of the mysterious accident triggered a series of absurd events, and changed every villager of the village of fate, the film is the Taiwan movie ever most heavily in New Year comedy, or "gold content" of the highest, director Chen Yuxun has to take the "fish" the Golden Horse Award for best screenplay, producer Li Lie, Ye Rufen won the Golden Horse Award for outstanding Taiwan filmmakers award, Hsu Chi won the Golden Horse Award actress and supporting actress, in the "black dog" to TVBS-G won the Golden Horse Award actress, other director Wu Li Lu [micro-blog] had to "October besieged city" won a golden horse the best shape, this year "in July and she" nominated again, cast and team are quite strong. Director Chen Yuxun entered the post last year at this time is like a raging fire, when ready to shoot, spent nearly half a year in Hengchun life can make people miss, he said the "forgetful village" shooting intention: "life is made of memory, memory drops add up to one’s life experience, but forget whether can be used as a thing never happened? Are those lost memories added to another life? If your memory is cut off by others, is that your own life? We often say that their fate is the fate, but if you can choose to remember and to forget, your life will be better?" Therefore, the birth of the forgotten village. While leading notice glimpse, let Hsu Chi put on after it into another world of "Lotus artifact", will be a key. The film will be released in 2017 spring festival. (Sina entertainment Taiwan station (Lin Yiyunwen) commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章:

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