The vitality of the girl knot God ova final word PV open (video)

The vitality of the young girl knot God OVA final word PV open although already know the outcome of the comic, but the delay can not end the OVA or let the fans are very concerned about. The day before the end, announced the "vitality girl edge knot God" finally released the OVA final notice PV. "God" tells the girl Qi edge knot is the heroine’s father Taoyuan Nene student debt by gambling was disappear without a trace, dun people out of the house. In cornered when she helped a dog chasing the timid man. After learning about her encounter, the mysterious man said, "I’ll give you my home."." So strange words. The homeless Nene went to the man half believe and half doubt, but said the residence…… And found it was a deserted shrine. The cowardly man’s body is away from the land of god. As a shrine transfer price, Nikkie students to start a new life when the land of god. After the animation aired a large number of young girls fans, and after the production of OVA also received praise. Although the slow progress of the OVA to make the fans a little bit of complaints, but after the latest PV public, the vitality of the young girl knot God quickly on the micro-blog hot search. This cartoon shows in the domestic popularity. In the latest public PV, fans are most concerned about the question: "what is love or yukiji praves Nana" also came to an end.相关的主题文章:

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