The Spy Drama sparrow to restore the cruel years of adolescence (video)

The Spy Drama "sparrow" to restore the cruel years youth sparrow _38 Tencent entertainment news "sparrow" is fire, the spy movie villain has been very strong, Affirmative is growing in the fight against. The audience watched "sparrow", think "the pretender" and "before dawn" and other similar drama, in fact, there is no two identical leaves, compared to other spy work, regardless of the character or characters, "sparrow" has a distinct sense of style, people often feel contrary to expectation. The play presents a huge field of life and death, the puppet special action director Bi Zhongliang is a highly confident professionals, hawk sharp, strong execution, is not complicated, "the banality of evil", of all the characters are applied with different pressure. Li Yifeng Chen Shen played as a single touch with the underground party members, walk alone in the dark of the night, the chances of survival for double lower, the task of research difficulty, certainty and calm are increasing in battle. Popular hot drink, is a necessary means to play pretend to keep a handsome girl, the dandy and the external image can be better hidden bastard. To live alone in the Castle Wolfenstein, so only. Stick and a temper of faith, let Chen will inevitably become more deep or NRK write and draw freely as one wishes of the sword, the lightning. But Xu Bicheng is more like a green hand, from rookie to sophisticated gradually mature, also make us understand in the war environment, not all agents are born equal to anything, brave invincible. "Sparrow" also shows that the Anti Japanese national united front after the formation of the two parties in the battlefield intelligence cooperation. Juntong agent Tang Shanhai also have the potential to enter the camp, combination of Chen and Tang Shanhai are deep sea ", in the opinion of writer Matt," deep "is a term of Bourne war works the most appropriate pronoun. Two of them have the same mission but belong to different camps, cooperate with each other and secretly contest, also the heart of a woman with a past Xu Bicheng, and feeling said not open. "Sparrow" show is not only the fight at outrance battle, there are bloody progressive youth emotional entanglements, but its origin, development, expression and special environment have forbear, youth film and contemporary background are different in their bones. Needless to say, Bi Zhongliang Chen suspicion of trust and the deep, deep friendship with Bi Zhongliang Chen on the contest, Chen Zhongliang deep and Bi wife like brother and sister relationship. Do not have to say, Li Xiaonan see Chen deep, both with the love is also like a secret effort. The relationship is just perplexing, part of "sparrow", and between guoqiuguhen, national interests, beliefs, the mood is not immersed in love, a different outcome, they are ordinary people of the reduction of the times, let the audience pursue a legend in the image.相关的主题文章:

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