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The sea of anti typhoon scene here more thrilling story against the menacing "Meranti", not only the land area, but also in action. The past two days, the reporter has visited the Xiamen maritime bureau, Xiamen pilot station and port holding group under the ferry company, shipping company, shipping company, Zhangzhou Haida company, hope that through these visits, to the public secret anti typhoon sea front thrilling story. Morning news reporter Ding Yuanyuan correspondent Tang Luhong port group and third parties to ensure the ship safety and passenger travel schedule "Legend of the seas" cruise berthing smoothly on the 16 day at 8:30, "Legend of the seas" cruise berthing smoothly Xiamen international cruise terminal, on and off up to more than 3 thousand and 400 passengers, which marks the second day of the super typhoon, Xiamen passenger and freight the operation has been restored. In fact, encountered strong typhoon "Meranti" hit cruise center, two boarding bridges water damage, escalator, lift helicopter and other facilities were damaged in different degree, outdoor display system almost paralyzed. After the typhoon, the cruise center immediately organized to carry out a comprehensive disaster recovery work, and start the emergency plan, the wharf berthing, security, power supply, scheduling and other personnel in place the first time. Port holding group said the ship safety and passenger travel schedule, Hong Kong production can be fully restored within 24 hours, thanks to the support of inspection, customs, inspection, public security, maritime and port authority, pilot station and other units, the first class cruise in the order at the scene after the typhoon. Xiamen maritime bureau two fishing boats out of control emergency rush to the morning of 14, Xiamen maritime bureau VTS respectively received a distress alarm, "Fujian Xiamen Yu Yang D0056" and "min long fishing 61785 fishing boats into the harbour in the way, due to engine failure were in the forefront of Haitian terminal and large bridge bottom waters out of haicang. When a large number of ships entering and leaving Hong Kong Peak, emergency. Xiamen maritime bureau immediately launched the emergency plan, organize and guide the ship accident to self-help and other emergency measures, and finally smoothly into the harbour. In the process of anti Taiwan, Xiamen maritime bureau dispatched 326 law enforcement officers, law enforcement vehicles 101 trips, law enforcement boats 17 ships, 152 ships, ship inspection investigation and security risks 3. Before the typhoon, deployment, maritime bureau area to grasp the professional rescue forces reasonable coordination, sea patrol boats in the waters of the sea anchorage, strengthen the anti anti typhoon duty, ready to do emergency rescue. Station of Xiamen harbor pilotage pilot for the escort ship before the typhoon, the sea ship to safety to safe area? This time by "sea traffic hand" — Xiamen Port Management Bureau of Xiamen port pilot station pilot people. In typhoon days, we are mainly responsible for the step by step leading and driving the ship out of Hong Kong and the safety of berthing." Xiamen pilot station deputy chief Huang told reporters. In the limited channel on the ship driving everything in good order and well arranged to lead to a sheltered area, the pilot need accurate judgment. It is worth noting that, from 14 to 17 in the evening, the pilot station is to lead all types of ship 58 ships. In addition, the water depth of the seabed, grasp whether reef, fishing boats, fishing nets, avoid surrounding;相关的主题文章:

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