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The new game after game player play refund success dismissed Forza: Horizon shameless 3 area "Forza: Horizon 3" is a good game, should be sold. But there is always a small number of people out there are naysayers, game player in micro-blog broke the news today, a Post Bar ID as "Yang Guoai Lane girl" game player in the Post Bar Post said, Win10 bought "Forza: Horizon 3", after the game has reached about 20% to apply for refund. Then he switched to the United States to the store game flash back in the name of a successful refund. Note: refund policy has now been changed. This method is not valid Micro-blog friends broke the misconduct of the domestic game player game player this move was criticized by many users, and even people "flesh out the information of the person. However, it seems that this person is very satisfied with the state of being sprayed, and even left a message in the post, claiming that the phone dry keyboard man." Game play after go to ask for a refund of this behavior and what do you see? In my opinion, in fact, this player’s actions are a microcosm of the contemporary part of the crowd. Earlier this year, a game player using Steam vulnerabilities to the game and then through offline refund, the clearance of the "Tomb Raider: Rise", and even some people use this also made offline rental game game. Sometimes people rendered speechless. Some people do not know what is the spirit of the contract, only willing to enjoy their own rights, rather than assume their obligations. This behavior has been in the destruction of the existing industrial chain. Once known as the conscience of the United States Amazon has a very high quality of the warranty, the warranty period of the goods can not be verified without a full refund, the transfer of goods without the need to verify the full compensation. Some people will drill this loophole, the product is not bad, but did not lose the goods still apply for compensation. Amazon ultimately decided not to ignore China’s application, and finally closed the shipping address. Forza: Horizon 3 the same incident and Logitech. Its related products in the domestic implementation of the policy, the warranty period without credentials, you can change." However, the result is that some people deliberately damaged the mouse and to apply for a replacement after the sale, and even some people on the Internet to sell a bad mouse within the warranty period, the user bought a bad price to go after the new. Finally led to Logitech’s increasingly stringent review of the sale. (related information sources: know almost) Hagel said that the existence is reasonable. This "reason" should have cause and effect relation (reasonable), but not right (right). There are too many people on the do not interpret out of context, the right thing should use this phrase. Because a little petty corruption but the loss of the interests of most people, others, The loss outweighs the gain. We don’t want to have a Steam day, Win10 Store Mayer, like Logitech, right? (source: ali213 editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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