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The network about cars burn: ofo Shenzhou car drops cross-country investment reached the C2C even a bicycle "pass", by strategic investment ofo, Shenzhou car also recently reached the C2C field network about cars war burned more "wild" yellow car has entered the Zhengzhou University reporter newspaper reporter Yang Xiaowen Li Kang photography since August by travel tips announced the acquisition of Uber China, domestic network about the car market has been stagnant water. Until last week, the Shenzhou car has emphasized the proprietary model introduced the C2C model, which allows qualified owners carrying vehicle access to the platform, and promised not to the owners of smoke. A few days later, announced plans to invest tens of millions of dollars, to participate in the domestic share of the bicycle platform C ofo round of financing. "Oligarchs decisive battle", the network about the car market and a new angle pick beam? Where is the boundary of the online travel market? Drops into the field of public bicycles in the future will not drip rowing? September 26th, Didi announced tens of millions of dollars of strategic investment sharing platform ofo, the two sides will launch a full range of cooperation in the field of urban travel. Didi said, and ofo will further around the city travel sharing strategic cooperation, the user is expected to directly experience the platform ofo services. By the drops of investment ofo (onefindone, meaning easy to find), is a larger scale, faster growing share of the bicycle platform. The company was founded in 2014, from the campus student entrepreneurship program, is committed to solving the campus bike lost, the use of short, zombie car and other issues. According to public information display, so far, ofo has nearly 70 thousand shared bikes, daily orders of more than 500 thousand for the domestic city of more than 1 million 500 thousand teachers and students to provide convenient travel services 20. Ofo sharing bicycle implementation time, mileage superimposed charges for 0.01 yuan per minute, 0.04 km. Not only that, students can also contribute their own bike out, after being converted into a new shared bicycle, and in exchange for a small yellow car free tenure. In August this year, the small yellow car ofo in Zhengzhou Normal University, became the new campus. Get ofo, marking the drops from the private car sharing areas to the city’s public bicycle area straddling. And on the same day, the two sides also made it clear that the city will be further around the sharing of strategic cooperation, the user is expected to experience a direct experience of the ofo service platform. Of course, ofo get drops war cast, get the core resources is not only the latter 400 million users, big data and network side technology, but also indirectly embrace Ali, Tencent, Apple’s thighs". From the "campus market" into the "city market", ofo has been more substantial resources. However, did not disclose the amount of the specific amount of investment to ofo. There are a number of sources, ofo had A round, B round, B+ round of investors, Jingwei, Jinsha River, Wang Gang and other early investors are drops. Thus, the ofo round of involvement in the C round of financing, investors behind the two played a key role. From private car, theory相关的主题文章:

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