The national examination Shandong recruit 1307 people job requirements Bachelor degree or abo lata-01

In Shandong to recruit 1307 people   95% requirements; Bachelor degree or above – Shandong Channel – October 13th 2017, agencies directly under the central authority and its civil servants and the position in the table have issued notice. This year’s exam total enrollment 27 thousand people, essentially flat with last year. According to statistics, national examination involving Lu position number 855, to recruit 1307 people, 62 more than last year. Candidates in October 15th from 8:00 to 24 18:00 during login KaoLu project website, submit the application. The number of recruiting and last year compared with last year, this year’s exams of more than and 120 central organs and institutions directly under the management of the civil service law and unit plan recruiting more than 2.7 people, and basically the same as last year. Among them, the number of Posts related to Shandong increased by 62, an increase of about 5%. Among them, the civil service system and the number of recruitment is almost the same as last year, 236 people. The increase in the total number is mainly from the central state organs directly under the administrative organs. LIAN Shihua public examination experts said that this year involving a major change in Shandong recruitment is the recruitment sector increased from last year’s 21 to 25; secondly, the Qingdao IRS increased from 167 last year to 230, an increase of 63. In addition to the Qingdao Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Shandong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to recruit the number increased from 3 to 30, an increase of 27. Ji’nan Railway Public Security Bureau has reduced by 33. According to the State Council unit of civil service management, recruit the largest number of the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee from 92 last year to 62 people, down about 30%, but is still the public participation system to recruit the largest number of departments. Last year, nearly 1 million 400 thousand people to participate in the national examination, the national test hot will continue? Public education experts believe that the overall employment situation in our country this year’s exams comprehensive number of recruiting and examination institutions in the first half of this year’s hot candidates, enrollment examination is likely to record high. Bachelor degree in national exam to recruit more options, with the corresponding educational level has become a national test position to recruit the basic conditions. According to the statistics of jobs, the recruitment of job requirements college degree can the number of job applicants is 823, the total number of jobs in 5.28%, about 95% of the job requirements Bachelor degree or above the level of education. Among them, the undergraduate degree can apply for the number of positions for 13924, master’s degree can apply for the number of positions for 11097, doctoral degree can apply for the number of posts for the 10514. As can be seen from these data, the undergraduate degree can apply for a maximum number of positions, the most opportunity to choose, graduate students and doctoral candidates can apply for the number of jobs but less than undergraduate. (Nie Junqiong, commissioning editor Hu Honglin) from Shandong related jobs, the number of requirements Bachelor degree or above, accounting for about 53% of the number of recruitment. Bachelor degree can apply for about 1220 jobs, accounting for the total number of 93.4%. Thus, in 2017 the national civil service involved in Shandong positions, the vast majority of undergraduate students can apply. The recruiting professional culvert)相关的主题文章:

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