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The movie "one top ten thousand" release you won the praise of acting play – Sohu entertainment figures in the film version of the poster child in tears still extremely lonely entertainment news today why Sohu, by Liu Zhenyun featuring screenwriter, directed by Liu Yulin, actress Wei Fan, Bei Liu Ashler, starred in the film "a top ten thousand words of" simultaneous global release. As a film adaptation of Liu Zhenyun’s novel of the same name, and is both "student Ang Lee" and "Feng Xiaogang," disciple "daughter of Liu Zhenyun" a label of director Liu Yulin’s debut, "one" in the pre launch has attracted much attention. The reduction of Chinese loneliness "inner war" swept the theater November schedule is always in the film market of the national day night, fever has cooled, New Year Carnival is still distant. However, there are three commercial and artistic pursuit of win-win ingenuity of the formation of "three independence" pattern this year, causing attention. In addition to "one", Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" and Ang Lee’s "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" will also has a beachhead in November. Liu Yulin and the tutor in order not to "play", to answer, to salute the two mentors, will "a" warm field mention. Today released the film, from the evaluation of the parties, the "one" success. As a "heart" war movies, different from the previous film "a hail of bullets, a top ten thousand words of" punish heart in silent war in. The film tells the story of the shoemaker Niu Aiguo (werewolf ornaments) found his wife (Li Qianshi) after the affair of inner struggle, from "tolerance" to "break", from "smoke to kill" to "collateral" and finally to "put down", each blade struggle evocative every knife "" are very powerful. Why to subvert the image challenge challenge you to subvert the image of acting won praise as a comedy actor born man, in the hearts of the audience the impression is always "enthusiastic and lively little blunt chuishiban story" in. In the movie "one top ten thousand", he played a wife and derailed, deceived and endure all the marriage, but in order to bottom figures herself and her daughter to carry down the. In order to subvert the image of the previous challenge to new heights, you said great pressure, he said in an interview. "This is my work for so many years, starred in the most difficult works. This is my first time in the studio when the whole crew face crying, in order to better interpret the cattle as patriotic complex inner depression, I was at the end of the shot was out of his shadow". In the film, there was a scene with Niu Aiguo once again summoned the courage to put a knife to kill, kneel down to pray for Buddha bless her daughter grow up in front of the Buddha baihui. The scene in the release by the audience hot backup, view lens and bovine patriotic thin figure reveal the infinite sadness, loneliness and despair on patriotic cattle and his sense of depression through a screen Pumianerlai, a lot of the audience after watching the film said "because the scene, almost cry lost contact lenses the proposal before the movie to bring their own towels". But the cow who plays werewolf nature patriotic also was highly praised for his performances, the audience have exquisite praise. From the "laugh" to "ask people," Why are also acting.相关的主题文章:

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