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The joke is a little bit big! Singer Wang Rong to host the hit head broken and bleeding – Sohu entertainment   Yu Dong beaten broken blood Sohu entertainment news recently, some friends broke the singer Wang Rong to participate in a live show with the cup will host hit head broken and bleeding. Video of Wang Rong holding the cup very excited, originally just to host water but overexert directly to the cup smashed into the head of the host, the host in his hands head bleeding, face very painful, Wang Rong said: "I am the first force so big?" many users spit groove: "man is also injured akimbo stood smiling, it is Speechless." Wang Rong, is this crazy again?"   Yu Dong dew smile 12 years ago, Wang Rong with the song "I’m not Huang Rong" popular, the topic of controversy in the past 12 years has never been interrupted by Wang Rong. November 28, 2009, Wang Rong returned to Beijing from South Korea, because I was too large gap with the passport photos, causing suspicion of border guards, was taken away for investigation. After her generous recognition of cosmetic, and said the surgery was successful, "if people cursing me some Sirleaf I also recognize, to be honest, do not have the excitement." October 13, 2014, some friends broke the news, in the famous psychiatric hospital Beijing Anding Hospital met singer Wang Rong and his assistant, and found that they entered the hospital to observe the Department of. The same day Wang Rong wearing a black hat and a mask, mental state looks not very good, staff also continued to support her for a time, "Wang Rong suspected of suffering from mental illness" in the news of the raise a Babel of criticism of. The past two years, Wang Rong in "the Divine Comedy" Queen of the name of renewed attention. "Chicken chicken" in "hen hen cuckoo chicks were day day," the lyrics referred to low-energy and shocking, and a "good" Le day MV sub upskirt at the end of the action is to be approved without integrity. Now in the live show host will hit head broken and bleeding, "Wang Rong is not afraid of the thing from the black spirit to make a lot of friends deeply admire. It is reported that this was unfortunately Wang Rong "headshot" host named Yu Dong, CCTV sports channel’s "good morning" and "Chinese Symposium" host. Yu Dong funny skill class, the strong interaction, the public has always been considered the most humorous and most friendly CCTV host, have a lot of fans. In the new program "Dongdong Winfrey Show" suffered in the accident, Yudong wound treatment after simple bandage to live, users have praised for his dedication, wish him a speedy recovery.相关的主题文章:

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