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The Ji Ta revolution version good brother is like acting on the line carry handle – Sohu Ji Ta Ji Ta stills Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently by the young actor Ji Ta starred in the TV drama theme of "red flag manjuan West" is the Oriental TV hit, and achieved good ratings. The young actor who plays Ji Ta in the drama of the revolutionary soldier Qin Huaiwen hidden lovers, brothers deep and complex feelings to their ideals and beliefs, firmly affects the hearts of the audience, the true nature of performance, well received. Ji Ta debut so far, has been named as the industry has not played a bad actor actor, which also benefited from his real natural acting, loved by the directors. In a recent interview, Ji Ta was asked how to play a good role" Ji Ta very seriously answer, he will take every episode as a real occurrence, so it will be very heart play. It is precisely because he honed years of acting, will have the industry’s zero rating. No 80 successful actor impetuous, not rush to fame idea, the high frequency of each exit, appeared in a drama full of harvest reputation, but still maintained a low-key attitude, this is also a lot of fans always love him. In private, he is like a person outside the entertainment industry, like fitness. But the media asked him not to shoot, not fitness will do what his answer surprised the audience, is actually doing housework, raising flowers and plants. There are eight meters in height, the triangle is a perfect body, so home male artist, is today’s entertainment rare species, called the entertainment has been hidden "perfect man", is the ideal type of many female fans. His new play "red flag manjuan Ji West" ratings have been high, good brother version of the popular image of revolution. On the surface of the brothers harsh, deep love, but as hot as fire. For the woman he loved, afraid of her in a crisis with the suffering of their own, only cruel to leave alone, moved to tears with a strong and enduring man, is to let the audience look very worried, Qin Huaiwen. The story of ups and downs, actor superb acting is the reason for the high ratings, Oriental TV prime time every day, let us look forward to his good brother Ji revolution time on-line version.相关的主题文章:

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