The high speed rail station development of Yangtze delta… Nanchang will be the winner

The high speed rail station development of Yangtze delta… Nanchang is going to be a winner in life and what can be done to make a winner in 5 years? In fact, we all understand, to face their own short board and the lack of strong development goals and determination, a person so, a city is also the case. Nanchang, the provincial capital can be turned gorgeous? May see the party secretary and mayor of the best case: the Provincial Standing Committee of Nanchang municipal Party committee secretary: "what is that Nanchang faces three problems" and "Nanchang’s biggest challenge? I think that the total economy, only 400 billion, not only small, but too small!" November 2nd afternoon, the CPPCC members to participate in group discussions, the Provincial Standing Committee, Nanchang municipal Party Secretary Gong Jianhua said that the development of Nanchang is facing the "three most"". 1, the biggest challenge is the economic total amount is too small "US economic output 400 billion yuan, compared with 5 of the capital of central Wuhan is 2.7 times the Changsha is 2.15 times as big as ours, Zhengzhou is 1.8 times as big as ours, Hefei is 1.4 times the us. Only Taiyuan is less than us." Turning to the future development of Nanchang, Gong Jianhua admitted that the biggest challenge is from the total economy, is not only small, but too small!" Gong Jianhua said that many members of the CPPCC entrepreneurs, we are more concerned about the real economy. "The entity is the most important cell in the economy, and the two most concerned indicators are the economic climate index and the entrepreneur confidence index." Gong Jianhua said, at present Nanchang new enterprise is not much, a lot of old, how to make small old trees grow into towering trees, how to help the entity survive, but also need to work together. 2, the biggest pressure is the city’s strong image of the weak connotation of the biggest pressure on Nanchang, Gong Jianhua believes that the performance of the strong construction of weak management. "Why does the city block? Nanchang’s vehicles occupy the road area is not less than other smooth city, but management can not keep up."     Gong Jianhua appears in these years, the image of the city of Nanchang did change rapidly, blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, but the content is out of the question, "is not only a short board, but everywhere is weak." Gong Jianhua bluntly, we spend many years continuously speed up construction, especially the construction of infrastructure and public services, but why there are always public or superior leadership to complain and criticize us, some of it sounds even hurt dignity. "I think about it, or we can hardware and software is not enough, this is the maximum pressure that I feel." 3, the biggest challenge is the work style of cadres lazy casual Gong Jianhua also admitted that under the new normal work style of cadres, is facing the biggest test in Nanchang. "Now I am a vicious circle, a difficult problem is, everyone said no Nanchang work efficiency, but it can not find a problem is always the problem. I would like to think, is not our special emphasis on the remediation of cadres as, not as slow, as chaos, as false, etc.." Gong Jianhua said, the next step is to solve the difficult part of cadre thought and action as the habit of doing nothing, this is the Nanchang road ahead.相关的主题文章:

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