The first Jiangsu Zhi innovation contest will officially start

The first "Jiangsu made" innovation contest will be formally launched for the implementation of manufacturing equipment to upgrade the Internet, central enterprises in the province to promote the spirit of management and strategic deployment, the practice of "China manufacturing 2025 Jiangsu platform for action", the first "Jiangsu made" innovation contest press conference that the ceremony will be held in Jinling Hotel in September 22nd. By then, the Jiangsu Provincial Commission by letter will attend the launching ceremony and the press release, nearly a hundred media units focus on the contest started. According to the organizers, the wisdom of innovation contest has been in Nanjing, Xuzhou, Suqian, Kunshan and other places to carry out a number of preaching activities, the province’s extensive concern by intelligent manufacturing companies. Sina micro-blog # Jiangsu made innovation contest # topics, reading the amount of nearly 200 thousand times. Competition channel opened nearly a month, there are 430 companies to participate in the competition. It is reported that the wisdom of innovation competition made by the Jiangsu Provincial Association of enterprise information technology, the Jiangsu Provincial Association of enterprise technology innovation, sina Jiangsu, the future of the network, run Exhibition International contractors. "Jiangsu made" innovation contest is the only one in Jiangsu province for intelligent manufacturing professional competition, into registration, press releases, all trials, innovation training camp, the finals (Investment Forum) and other sectors, will focus on large and medium-sized enterprises in our province design, production and management, services and key links the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, extensive collection of outstanding cases and solutions, and exists for the enterprises to provide solutions that can be implemented. (Jiang Zheng)相关的主题文章:

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