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The FA Cup at Macao recommended: Perth glory answers – Sohu         game time: 2016-08-25 Thursday 18:00         Europe Index: 2.10 3.75 2.90             Game Analysis:     Macao FA Cup on Thursday night second laps to fierce competition, Perth has been in the FA Cup glory in Australia is good, the team in the last two sessions successfully into the finals, but unfortunately, in the two session of the Perth glory in the final failed, and the Perth glory again, before the two session will lose to the crown of sorrow power, in the first race beat rivals Brisbane roar, the morale of the team state at the peak of the home court attack is expected to be the next one; Sydney FC last season because of AFC Champions League distraction guide A sharp decline in the Australian team to the final result, Sidney FC was only 34 missed the league title added, followed by the AFC Champions League stadium, Sidney FC in 16 against Luneng, the total collapse of the front Sidney FC aura no longer, plus the team has been mediocre in Macao FA Cup, in the face of war full of glory that There is no escape from fate.             handicap interpretation:     Sydney FC nearly 3 times away against Perth glory were unbeaten, while Europe refers to the aspect of Sydney FC is low, some more wins index rose more than 3, visible Sydney FC campaign to win glory in Perth is extremely difficult, stable in the play Australia, the FA Cup, but his index also concentrated in the 2.05-2.10, the competition may be optimistic about Perth glorious unbeaten home court.         2:1: 1:1    recommendation score;       half the recommendation: Ping Sheng – flat           SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 31         SMG let Qiu Shengping negative (-1) recommended: 10 澳足总推荐:擅长杯赛 珀斯光荣胸有成竹-搜狐       比赛时间:2016-08-25 星期四 18:00        欧洲指数:2.10 3.75 2.90        比赛分析:        周四晚上澳足总杯第二圈继续展开激烈角逐,珀斯光荣一向在澳足总杯中表现出色,球队在近两届都成功挺进了决赛,但令人遗憾的是,珀斯光荣在这两届决赛中均以失败告终,而本届珀斯光荣再度卷土重来,将前两届失冠悲痛化为了力量,在第一圈比赛就击败了劲旅布里斯班狮吼,现时球队士气状态处于巅峰,本次主场出击有望再下一场;悉尼FC上赛季因亚冠分心,导致球队在澳洲甲的成绩大幅下滑,最终悉尼FC只获34分无缘联赛争冠附加,紧接着亚冠赛场,悉尼FC在十六强不敌山东鲁能泰山,各项战线全面崩溃令悉尼FC灵气不再,再加上球队在澳足总杯一直表现平平,此番面对战意十足的珀斯光荣恐怕劫数难逃。        盘口解读:        悉尼FC近3次作客对阵珀斯光荣均保持不败,而欧指方面却看低悉尼FC,部分机构客胜指数更升至3.00以上,可见悉尼FC此役获胜难度极大,反观珀斯光荣在澳足总杯中发挥稳定,而且主胜指数也集中在2.05-2.10之间,本次比赛不妨看好珀斯光荣主场不败。        比分推荐:2:1 1:1         半全场推荐:平 胜 胜 胜 平 平         竞彩胜平负推荐:3 1        竞彩让球胜平负(-1)推荐:1 0相关的主题文章:

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