The establishment of the large size of the debt debt Commission – Politics –

The establishment of the large size of the debt debt Commission – Politics – original title: the establishment of the large size of the debt debt Commission CBRC recently issued the "notice" on the creditors’ committee of banking financial institutions related work, requirements for the large debt difficulties by enterprises, more than 3 banking financial institutions initiated the establishment of creditor’s rights the creditors’ committee, in accordance with the "guidelines on collective one policy to increase loans, loans, loan restructuring, steady reduction and other measures, in order to carry out debt restructuring, asset preservation and other related work, ensure that the banking financial institutions to form a cohesive force, difficult to help enterprises out of difficulties. "Notice" requirement, all the creditor’s rights of the financial institutions and other financial institutions approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission to participate in the establishment of the debt. In order to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, enterprises put forward new demand for funds with good reason, the debt can be supported by the Commission to form a syndicated loan, the establishment of a joint credit mechanism or closed financing etc.. The creditor banking financial institutions shall act together, to achieve stable expectations, stable credit, stable support, not free to stop lending, loan pumping; can be recovered through the necessary risk control, loan extension, Xudai etc., to maximize the help enterprise solution. The "Circular" pointed out that the development of the financial debt restructuring of enterprises should at least have the following conditions: one is the development of enterprises in accordance with national macroeconomic policy, industrial policy and financial support; two is the prospect of the enterprise products or services, market development, restructuring has certain value; three is the enterprise and the creditor’s rights of banking financial institutions financial the debt restructuring will. (reporter Ouyang Jie) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Ceng Wei tester)相关的主题文章:

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