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The earth "four seasons" theme stills call animal human civilization dialogue – Sohu entertainment "Earth" it said "four seasons" theme stills Snow Wolf reveals the enthusiasm for life and respect [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by French national documentary director, master Jacques Perrin and Jacques g Beiluzun co directed the world’s top film "the seasons on earth" film released the theme stills. Stills reveal 5 animal images, although different, but both a clear bright eyes are telling their own meaning and sincere to words from the bottom of the heart, which contains human dialogue, let people seriously think about "how animal coexistence" this timeless proposition. All this calls for equal animal human civilization dialogue "it says" theme selected stills "Snow Wolf and fox, snow owl, yak, elk five often deported and hunted animal forest as the protagonist," we need a civilization and human dialogue "as the theme, with anthropomorphic expression of the animal the inner world vividly describe. Both the wolf and the fox, a snow owl on human stereotypes of discontent, or mother and elk of yak animal harmonious vision, are eager to express straight from the heart of animal and human communication, eager to symbiosis. From the photos can be seen in the camera, shoot height and the height of the same basic animal, bokeh and animal have become the focus of the picture, reflect the film with nuances are revealing on the legendary life enthusiasm and respect. Most of the film is also derived from the lens of the real wildlife living conditions, these living in the field of animal eyes in the eyes of a little carefree innocence, a little more than the survival of the first guard against sharp. These unrestrained aspect in the vast expanse of heaven and earth creatures, compose a fable of life one after another, recover the original simplicity free. In addition, there are a large number of other kinds of animals in the film, although not "speak", but also need human care and awe. Change the angle of view every life worthy of awe "four seasons" is the earth documentary master Jacques Perrin took five years to create the sincerity of the work, with strong humanistic care. This is the change of evolutionary Jacques Behan first by the animal’s perspective to examine the nature, is full of feelings after some experience is sincere. Different from other people in the center view of the natural film director with lower self, only for the exquisiteness of respect for life. The film closes the delicate lens from the perspective of omniscient and omnipotent, meanders between natural habitat animal real life and human imagination of the fly, with the experience of "living" have experienced years of wind and frost and precious. The audience with the animal who opened the difficult survival mode, new joy, hunting after growing courtship effort, struggle and survival, the true life of all sorts of images one by one, the audience imperceptibly immersed in the miracle of life awe and respect. Animal are small and great fortune by the film performance. The collision between human and animal soul enables humans to better understand their place in the position on the earth. What is more, it is also endowed with the director for protection.相关的主题文章:

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