The data suggest that Real Madrid to win Ronaldo scored off home court due to decline

The data suggest that Real Madrid to win C Ronaldo goal home court to the decline in the number of reasons for the decline is C Ronaldo scored Beijing time at 02:45 on October 24th, Real Madrid will play in La Liga giants Bilbao athletics home court, the Milky Way battleship has two consecutive victory, but a real data have hinted that the game is not easy to score the winner. "Small big data to predict the probability of 1 yuan, Real Madrid upset new welfare] Real Madrid this season has yet to win the home court disc recording Real Madrid this season league champions two tournament has 6 home court game a total score of 4 wins 2 flat performance is acceptable, but in the disc, often make a deep dish in the home court the Milky Way. As a result, the handicap is 5, lost 1, not a game in handicap. At the end of last season’s two games, Real Madrid have 8 consecutive home games failed to win. The face of the Bilbao athletics, namely Gambling company chupan open Real Madrid master let the ball half ball deep dish, from the recent trend, this time I am afraid it is difficult to break through the Milky Way battleship handicap. From a single dimension of the forecast result may be a little biased, intelligent small lottery prediction, using big data to calculate the comprehensive analysis of 23 dimensions of the game, the prediction results have been released, click to view. Pay attention to the team and we talk about the players, as the galaxy’s number one attack, C Lo currently only scored 2 goals in the league, averaging one goal every 204 minutes. This is the last season with 110 goals C Ronaldo scored a difference of 1 goals. C Luo 5 games 28 foot shot, all the players in La Liga after Messi (32), and Bettis player Castro and teammate Baer tied for second, but Castro and Baer’s playing time was higher than that of C. The average number of shots on the field, C Lo 5.6 feet per game ranked first. It can be said that in return, C Ronaldo in the squad is still guaranteed the right to open fire. But in the end it was a harvest. The reason for this phenomenon is largely due to a substantial decline in C data in romania. C Luo 5 League played a 28 foot shot more than and 2 La Liga, but which is only 8 feet, the other 20 feet all play in the door frame, a positive rate of only 28.5%. Messi and the positive rate was as high as 40%, ranked in the top scorer of the Gregory the Saltzman positive rate is as high as 57%. After a busy summer, but the team still has C Ronaldo back above suspicion doubt the right to open fire, but due to various reasons, C Luo shot accuracy as before. May also be aware of their own poor state, the Portuguese two no longer forced to shoot, but more and more pass to a teammate. The last two games, C Ronaldo, although only 1 goals, but his teammates scored a 3 assists. Tonight against old rivals Bilbao athletic, I do not know how to come up with the performance of C ronaldo.相关的主题文章:

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