The criminals to nocturnal female rape burglary was the other to upset candy candy

The criminals to nocturnal female rape burglary was the other to disrupt the original title: criminals by courier at night for female rape burglary was the other home network with disrupted night, are the keys to open the door, was suddenly a strange man hit the head from behind. In October 16th, the residents of a district in Hanjiang Xiaolian (a pseudonym) suffered at the moment, she hurried to get rid of the other. 2 days after the incident, the suspect Wang was arrested. It was unexpected that, through his Xiaolian discarded express a single information lock the other information, the desire for sexual assault Xiaolian, because the other party to pay, his confusion, take money away. Yesterday, the suspect Wang on suspicion of rape, Hanjiang District Procuratorate approved the arrest. The woman opened the door at home at night strange men’s hammer head woman of the night of October 16th, Xiaolian and dinner with friends. 10 pm or so, Xiaolian back to the area, went to the door, ready to get the key to open the door, suddenly, a man from her right back out, without Xiaolian react, head is heavy knock, Xiaolian exclamation, her head against the wall squat, and shouted for help. At this time, the man pressed her shoulder, and hit her on the head with a hammer. Fortunately, the hammer suddenly fell off the head, fell to the ground, the man quickly bent down to find the hammer head. While this gap, happy to see the man wearing masks, gloves, seem to understand each other’s intentions, suddenly calm down, negotiate with each other, "you don’t hit me, I will give you the money." Xiao Lian said, the bag 100 yuan in cash out to the other side. The other was a few seconds, took the money, then take the stairs to escape. See each other to run away, the small lotus was still suffering from the shock regardless of blood, immediately went to the residential security alarm room. After the incident, the police immediately started investigation, locked after Nanjing Man Wang major crime suspects. October 18th, Wang was arrested by the police. After the arrest, Wang confessed to the crime on their own. Surprisingly, he attacked Xiaolian, not for money, but what. "Indoorsman" peep female households express a single woman locked information Wang, 36 years old this year, Nanjing people, unemployed. Wang explained that he was in Beijing to do a business executives, after the resignation of entrepreneurship. August this year, Wang and his girlfriend came to Yangzhou, rented a small area in Yangzhou. At first, he worked in Yangzhou for a long time, self adapting, and try to do other work, there is no success, thus become downhearted. In September this year, Wang felt nothing, and his girlfriend broke up. After his girlfriend left, Wang often alone in the house rent, because there is nothing to do, began to look at the opposite side of the household with a telescope. At a time when they go out, Wang found the same village lived a young woman, face is beautiful, suddenly from the heart, to her attention, secretly observed. Until one time, an older woman and the beauty of greeting, Wang Moucai knew that this girl named Xiao lian. Soon, Wang see Xiaolian threw a courier bags, quickly stepped forward to pick up the back, and write down the lotus name, mobile phone number and other information. I want to break into the house相关的主题文章:

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