The clustered cases of acute gastroenteritis of Mashan high school most of the students have been cu-liuxiaobo

The clustered cases of acute gastroenteritis of Mashan high school most of the students have been cured of contemporary life news   last week, some middle school students in Mashan County, Nanning city continued diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. As of September 24th afternoon 5, diarrhea, accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms to the county people’s hospital admissions of 133 students. 26, the reporter learned from the Mashan County Party Committee Propaganda Department, most of the students have been discharged from the hospital, waiting for the expert group to further confirm the cause of the incident. On the evening of 23, Mashan County Health Bureau, food and drug administration, Education Bureau, county CDC, county health authority and other departments meeting requirements to promptly to the physical discomfort of students to carry out the investigation, treatment and etiological analysis of send work, pay close attention to the dynamic condition, the county people’s hospital to open on Easy Access. Patients diagnosed to isolated treatment. According to reports, as of September 24th 5 pm, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms associated with admissions to the county people’s Hospital of students in 133 cases, of which 32 patients were improved to observe treatment, 8 cases of hospitalized cases of the disease have been improved, no severe cases. 24 afternoon, the Nanning Municipal Planning Commission, food and drug administration, leadership, the Fourth People’s Hospital and CDC experts rushed to the mountain, to adhere to the requirements of Mashan high school morning check system and sick leave tracking system, strengthen the monitoring of the health of students, such as easy to infectious disease incidents caused the disease to achieve early detection, early report, early diagnosis and early treatment, and in accordance with the law, scientific and standardized disposal. At the same time to urge the Mashan high school adhere to the implementation of school food safety management system, strengthen food safety management, in strict accordance with the food procurement, storage, processing, tableware disinfection, food sample, Fencan (Sales) and other aspects of the provisions of the food safety management work, we will continue to regularly test the source of drinking water and facilities and disinfection work to ensure the safety of teachers and schools. 26 afternoon, the reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Mashan County Party committee, most of the 133 students have been discharged from school, the students were discharged home to recuperate for more than 3 days, confirmed after recovery to go back to school. The aggregation occurred the reason yet expert group further confirmation, but has been initially identified as caused by a virus.   马山中学现急性肠胃炎聚集病例 大部分学生已痊愈   当代生活报讯 上周,南宁市马山县中学部分学生陆陆续续出现腹泻、呕吐等症状。截至9月24日下午5时,出现腹泻,伴腹痛、呕吐等症状到县人民医院接诊的学生有133例。26日,记者从马山县县委宣传部了解到,大部分学生已经痊愈出院,等待专家组进一步确认事发的原因。   23日晚,马山县卫计局、食药监局、教育局、县疾控中心、县卫生监督所等多部门开会,要求要及时对身体不适的学生开展排查、送治、病因分析等工作,密切关注病情动态,县人民医院要开通绿色通道,对确诊患者要隔离治疗。   据介绍,截至9月24日下午5时,出现腹泻,伴腹痛、呕吐等症状到县人民医院接诊的学生有133例,其中32例病情好转返校观察治疗,8例住院治疗的病例病情均已有所好转,没有重症病例。   24日下午,南宁市卫计委、食药监局、疾控中心、第四人民医院领导及有关专家赶到马山,要求马山中学要坚持晨检制度和因病请假追踪制度,加强对学生身体健康的监控,对传染病等易引发群体性突发事件的疾病要做到早发现、早报告、早诊断、早治疗,并依法、科学、规范处置。同时督促马山中学坚持落实学校食品安全管理制度,切实加强食品安全管理,严格按照食品采购、贮存、加工、餐用具消毒、食品留样、分餐(销售)等环节的食品安全管理规定开展工作,要继续抓好饮用水源及设施的定期检测和消毒工作,确保学校师生安全。   26日下午记者从马山县县委宣传部了解到,这133名学生大部分已经痊愈出院,学生出院被安排回家休养3天以上,确认痊愈后才能返校上课。此次聚集病例发生原因仍待专家组进一步确认,但已初步认定为病毒引起。 相关的主题文章:

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