The Basketball Association recognized NBL finals position negative behavior will be punished tsumori chisato

The Basketball Association finds NBL finals have negative behavior position will be punished fifth games in the near before the end of the NBL finals in Guizhou and Anhui, the two teams are playing the "tacit ball question". Although the two teams denied, but the game was broadcast live by CCTV, a number of attacks on both sides of the scene appeared a lot of people can not understand the situation. In this regard, China basketball NBL League requirements for the management and operation of Enbiou Sports Management Limited investigations. The relevant information is the Beijing Youth Daily reporter obtained is that the investigation has been preliminary results, and the opinions on the matter reported to the China association. Through the investigation and did not as a "tacit ball" or "match-fixing", but the Guizhou team has negative competition behavior. And this behavior must be severely punished. NBL in the tournament size, quality and influence aspects of less than CBA, so the fifth NBL finals in the CCTV broadcast is undoubtedly a good thing that can promote the development of the league, but in the last quarter of Guizhou changed inside foreign aid, foreign aid was played by a single, Anhui team played. Climax. In the game about two minutes left, behind the Guizhou team score is not too much, but the media described as "direct to give up resistance, will hand over the victory". Finally the Guizhou team lost the game, the Anhui team successfully reached the summit in the home court. This is because some appear in the game cannot read the situation, plus before there is some rumors are both playing the "tacit ball", so in the end of the game after a reporter directly to the Guizhou team and the Guizhou team said in response to questions, and they all want the same club the best results, since it has been to the finals, nature will not easily give up for the title, but not a so-called "understanding of the ball in front of the audience". "Everyone knows that this is an important game in the CCTV broadcast, no one dare under the watchful eyes of the people against the occupation morality, can not get the team’s reputation and their own occupation career joke." Guizhou team official said in an interview. This is not the end of the matter. China Association immediately issued a notice, requirements for the management and operation of the NBL League Enbiou Sports Management Limited investigation for this game. In the two teams have done a detailed investigation, the preliminary conclusion is that there is a negative game against the Guizhou team sports moral behavior. Relevant personage told reporters BYD: "after investigation, the Guizhou team inside a foreign aid in the last section to be under coach is not satisfied, the emotional impact of a strong rebound to other domestic players, the game has appeared in appearance in the final stage." This person also told reporters on the BMC, according to the survey results and evidence now shows that this is not the speculation in a "tacit ball" or "match-fixing", but the Guizhou team has unsportsmanlike behavior negative game, the League will have to punish. At this stage for the event of punishment opinion has been reported to wait for the final approval of China basketball association. However, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the NBL League disciplinary penalties, such as the existence of negative competition behavior of the team, the team fined.相关的主题文章:

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