Tennis Elbow – One Of The Most Annoying Pains That Hits Young And Old

UnCategorized A health condition most often associated with tennis playing arm trauma, tennis elbow has been diagnosed for patients who have never practiced the sport in their lives. The formal name encountered for this condition in medical books is lateral epicondylitis which in popular language represents the inflammation of the outside elbow bone. Many doctors consider that this condition is rather a problem triggered by middle age than by tennis playing or excessive use of the elbow. So, it seems, tennis playing cannot be blamed as the only cause for the ailment. Still, many tennis players .plain about it, therefore it has gained the popular name of tennis elbow. There are some specific tennis elbow symptoms that allow for the identification of the problem. First of all, tennis elbow causes pain in the outer part of the elbow and the appearance of a tender point in the upper part of the elbow bone. Moreover, when one turns the wist or lifts an object the pain can extend not only to the elbow but to the wrist joint too. Last but not least, many people who think they experience tennis elbow also .plain about having their elbow and wrist stiff in the morning when they wake up. Most people in their late 40 thinks that this is the sign of old age or arthritic pain. This alone cannot eliminate or get rid of the pain by just taking pain killers. It could only be a waste of money and putting their liver in danger due to taking too much pain killers. If you need to be diagnosed, then going to the doctor would be a smart thing. The most .mon tests for the identification of tennis elbow is radiography and MRI. Apparently, surgery is not a solution for the problem as the radiographies are not always relevant in determining the need for surgery or not. However there are treatments that can be followed and that have brought improvement in the case of many tennis elbow patients. Among the many options for treatment to be resorted to we can mention the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, the application of heat or ice and the wearing of a special elbow strap to make sure that strain on the elbow will be reduced. The strap is a way to prevent further damage, and it cannot cure the already existing one. Acupuncture, the use of splints for immobilizing the forearm and elbow, cortisone shots or ultrasound treatments represent only a few other medical approaches to the tennis elbow condition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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