SUV crashed into the front of a fast food restaurant and crashed into the driver when the throttle b mia farrow

The SUV crashed into the front of the fast food restaurant. The driver put the brakes on the brakes. At noon on September 19th, a fast food restaurant suddenly ran into a cross-country truck. Under the command of the police, the white Lincoln SUV carefully from the fast food store upside down, the front part has completely changed the shape of the engine, the liquid is lying on the ground. Fast food shop owner said it happened on Friday afternoon, only to hear the sound of a car engine roar, the car rushed into the store. The impact force of automobile giant, major hundreds of kilograms of stainless steel doors instantly lost their resistance, then suffer is metal tables and chairs the house, was completely SUV run out of shape, and ultimately, the house walls blocking the off-road car. Fortunately, the incident has been over lunch, no one in the fast food restaurant, and the sudden accident of the front row of two women really scared not light. The boss said, the car crashed into a fast food restaurant not listed, and from the looks of it, should be purchased soon, the reporter learned that the accident the driver the day should be just back to the Mid Autumn Festival, then reporters try to contact each other, the phone has no answer, the police have been involved in the investigation. Video has nothing to do with this article, only to expand reading Li Qi, Pinggu, a car accident in the accident, the driver died on the spot, the driver of the相关的主题文章:

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