Start Your Own Cooking Sous Vide At Home

Arts-and-Entertainment The most up-to-date cooking method is called Sous Vide which means cooking under pressure. And in this case, the cooking is simple. When cooking Sous Vide, you begin by vacuum sealing the food. You can purchase a simple vacuum sealer from Amazon… Using the Sous Vide machine, you want to get the water to 147 degrees which is the perfect temperature to get chicken "done." So if you want to experiment cooking in this technique, you must know what Sous Vide equipment you require. Mainly there are 2 pieces of equipment that you require to try this cooking method at home. At the start, you need a vacuum packaging machine. You might have seen these machines before as they are used in many other areas apart from cooking sous vide. People also use this vacuum sealer machine in household to seal food and to keep in the freezer to keep food fresh. A vacuum sealer is perfect for solid foodstuffs but is not effective in packing liquids such as soups or sauces because when the sucking out process removes the air, it also draws out liquid. So with liquids, the vacuum seal machine can’t work. Actually there are machines available that do vacuum seal liquid items but they are far pricier. These are called as chamber vacuum sealers that take away the air in a chamber. Placing a bag of liquid in the chamber keeps the pressure constant ins and outs of the bag. This allows to vacuum seal liquid filled bags. The second piece of equipment that you necessitate is a water bath. Currently you can get a purpose built water bath for cooking sous vide. It’s called the supreme and a demi model is also available. This is a home appliance that makes it easy for home cooks to try this cooking technique. You simply set the water temperature and time and dunk your vacuum seal food items into the bath. It cooks slowly and creates a uniquely textured and flavored meal. Another method to create a water bath without having a custom-made product is to use an immersion circulator. You can place this element into a container of water to heat it up by convectional heating of the water. It achieves a constant temperature throughout the volume of water ensuring that the food gets cooked absolutely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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