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Jewelry-Diamonds Looking at the Sri Yantra might compel you to compare it to an ancient version of the popular Magic Eye pictures, visual illusions that, if looked at properly, can magically appear as three-dimensional pictures. But the Sri Yantra dates thousands of years even before the advent of three-dimensional technology. Yantra, the second word, is a Sanskrit word that means "machine" or "instrument." Taken figuratively, Yantra can also mean a symbol, a process or even mystical figures or diagrams. Sri, on the other hand, means "radiance" or even "prosperity" in Sanskrit. Put together, the Sri Yantra is a mystical symbol that can bring abundance, riches or prosperity. The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles radiating outwards from the center, or the Bindu, which represents unity or the source of all creation. The lotus petals surrounding these triangles are said to be symbolic of a temple with four doors. The Sri Yantra is said to be the symbol of Sri Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance as well as Tripura Sundari, her other form, which means the "beauty of the three worlds." As seen on the symbol, five triangles point downwards, while four point upwards. The five pointing downwards represents Shakti, or the Feminine, while the four represents Shiva, or the Masculine. Together, the Sri Yantra is said so symbolize the union of both the Masculine and Feminine Divine. When interlocking, these triangles form 43 smaller ones that is said to represent the entire cosmos or creation. Many temples in India as well as Tibetan monasteries have used the Sri Yantra to ensure prosperity and success. Others have used this symbol to bring peace, happiness and even fame, power and fortune to themselves. More than being a source of material wealth, the Sri Yantra can also bring harmony, balance and beauty to your life because it represents the union of the male and female forces. While some people have woven rugs with the Sru Yantra in the center, or painted photos of this symbol, others have chosen to wear the Sri Yantra as a pendant, so that they have this mystical symbol close to their hearts at all times. A silver Sri Yantra pendant acts not only as a beautiful piece of jewelry but also as a bearer of unity, harmony and prosperity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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