Small separation perfect farewell Zifeng Zhhang look forward to the next encounter (video) adobe gamma

"Farewell" perfect "farewell" Zifeng Zhhang look forward to the next meeting of _45 > > > separation;; click to enter the Tencent video, watch "farewell" entertainment news by Huang Lei, Tencent Hai Qing, Zifeng Zhhang starred in the TV series "farewell" yesterday the perfect ending, with the formal "parting". The series has attracted much attention from the launch, focusing the parent-child problems, family problems and problems of the "separation" to go abroad to real down to earth attracted audiences of all ages, the topic is also increasing, caused by various leaders in recent years is discussed, the family drama. Zifeng Zhhang’s party is blossoming powder from acting to numerous lines have good performance of her so many people refer to "see his childhood", the real success is not contrived, bring into play, "old play bone" Zifeng Zhhang from movies to television drama performance are perfect. TV drama ending on the occasion, Zifeng Zhhang also exposed his latest photo. With the a uniform national student image, portrait of the Zifeng Zhhang short hair with a neat white girl with unique handsome and clever, clean color is very comfortable. It is reported that, after Zifeng Zhhang will also be in the film, "the years have been suddenly," and "Li Lei and the" in the protagonist, and try to play emotional drama, "" "" "". After the "separation", let us look forward to the next encounter.相关的主题文章:

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