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Pets Looking for the best Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, Call Amy today at 801-560-018 Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, Dog Boarding Utah, Looking for the best Dog Sitter Call Amy today 801-560-7018 Salt Lake City Dog Sitter is compassionate. Over the years Amy has shown many compassionate experience with her animals. Although today was a very hard day, the day is a good example of why Amy cares so much about animals. She is an amazing lady that cares so much about animals. If you looked at the top 20 kennels in Utah, you would not find a Salt Lake City Dog Sitter with more love and compassion. About 3 years ago Amy adopted 11 wild cats. She named them all, got them all vaccinated and got them all spade and neuter. Establishing her first "Cat Colony". Over the years she has feed them, taken them in as one of the family. She has gone far beyond what any typical person would do, she is one Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, which i would highly recommend. To say the least she is very attached to the cats. The very first cat, "Jack", was the elder in the colony. Jack was all tattered and torn, being an ally cat. She saw Jack crossing the street and carried him into her house. Giving him food and water, and letting him recover from the harsh winter. After a week or so, Jack went back to his familiar home, the street and living in the bushes outside the house. The reason today is so hard is Jack was put to sleep today. He was diagnosed with HIV and Leukemia. And over the last few weeks had lost significant weight. Amy being the compassionate Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, she decided to round up Jack, and take him to the Cottonwood clinic to be check to see what was wrong. After several hours of testing, Dr. Porter came back with the "Bad News". And it was hard to watch Amy start breaking down, as she had to make the decision as to whether to let Jack die a slow death, or have him euthanize d. She didn’t have a choice, to save the colony and to save Jack from enduring weeks of a slow death outside her porch, she decided to put the little cat down. I am not one that likes to hurt animals, or too see animals in pain. But the effects of watching yet another beloved pet of Amy’s have to be put down was painful to say the least. Keep in mind this is coming out of her own pocket, not the company. Back to compassion. The question is "WHY"? Why would someone pay 350 dollars for a visit to a clinic? Why would someone take the time out of her day and travel across the valley to have a wild colonial cat check out at 80 dollars an hour? Why would someone love animals so much that she would feed 11 cats for years with no compensation? Instead of just letting nature take it’s course. Like Darwin said, " It is the survival of the fittest. Compassion. Amy truly has compassion for all of God’s creatures and if there is some good that came out of today’s horrible event. I would tell you that if you are looking for a Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, that has true compassion. You need to call Amy. She will treat you dog with such love, that her effect will be long lasting on your family. There is no way i can put into words all of the details of today. But again i encourage everyone looking for a Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, to call Amy at 801-560-7018. Salt Lake City Dog Sitter Meet with Amy Meet with Amy talk to her, visit with the best Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, and see why she is an obvious choice with so many people as the best Salt Lake City Dog Sitter in Utah. Salt Lake City Dog Sitter Contact Amy today at 801-560-7018 If you are looking for a Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, then you need to visit She is an amazing person and would never want to be known as the finest Salt Lake City Dog Sitter, she just is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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