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Sister paper instant exposure measurements: the 3D body scanner to Australia start-up company mPort announced that the United States well-known fitness chain brand LA Fitness will use 3D human body measuring instrument development. MPod body scanner can fully automate the formation of complete 3D images of the user’s body, and provide data such as body mass index (BMI), physical composition and body fat ratio, which is more valuable than simple weight measurement. MPort says that mPod has applied a safe noninvasive infrared technology with 200 thousand data points to draw each person’s unique body shape. MPod does not produce any radiation, so it is suitable for all age groups of exercisers, including pregnant women and people with pacemakers. MPod data allows users to visualize their body measurements and personal health in a visual form. MPort also developed a iOS and Android partner applications that can be used to monitor the user’s fitness progress in real-time. A fitness worker can experience a mPod scanner just by creating an account. The scanner can produce 3D scans of the body size of the exercisers, and show basal metabolic rate, target weight, and ideal heart rate, and track the changes in body shape of the exercisers. MPort has more than 100 thousand registered users in Australia, and plans to enter the U.S. market through the LA Fitness fitness club. (NetEase Technology)

妹纸瞬间暴露三围:3D体型扫描仪来了澳大利亚初创公司mPort宣布,美国知名连锁健身品牌LA Fitness将使用它开发的3D人体测量仪。mPod人体扫描仪能够完全自动化地生成用户身体的完整3D图像,并提供体重指数(BMI)、体格构成和身体脂肪比例等数据,这可比简单测个体重更具参考价值。mPort公司表示,mPod应用了一种安全的无创红外技术,设置了20万个数据点,用以绘制每个人的独特体型。mPod不会产生任何辐射,因此适合所有年龄层的健身者,包括孕妇和佩戴心脏起搏器的人。mPod数据让用户以可视化的形式了解自己的身体测量数据以及个人健康状况。mPort公司还开发了一款iOS和Android均适用的伴侣应用,可用来实时监控用户的健身进展。健身者只需创建一个帐户就可以体验mPod扫描仪。这种扫描仪能够生成同健身者身体一般大小的3D扫描图,并显示基础代谢率、目标体重和理想心率,并跟踪健身者体型的变化情况。mPort在澳大利亚已拥有10万多名注册用户,并计划通过LA Fitness健身俱乐部进军美国市场。(网易科技)相关的主题文章:

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