Shenzhen raided 42 home real estate intermediary thorough investigation of the down payment loan mar hamimelon

Shenzhen raided 42 home real estate intermediary thorough investigation of the down payment loan market dynamic – Shanghai Locke network?? in October 27th October 13th raids on developers, sales offices, Shenzhen city market and quality supervision and management committee to attack again, to carry out special rectification of intermediary violations. ?? According to the Shenzhen city market and quality supervision and Management Committee official WeChat bulletin, the law enforcement personnel composed of 13 inspection groups, raided the P2P real estate enterprise and its small loan and LaSalle LaSalle gold, engaged in real estate business, financial times in real estate brokerage services in the Central Plains, chain home, AP, Q housing network, United, Shun, investment home, Yongan, new central, hail, happiness vanguard, U room, dragon Qi 42 home real estate intermediary and its related upstream and downstream enterprises. ?? Check the focus of the real estate intermediary is whether the intermediary in the process of the service without the presence of the owners commissioned the unauthorized release of housing information, publishing false listings, false information, illegal advertising, whether to hide the true housing transaction price, make the difference, whether express fees and charges, there is no reasonable fees, bundled fees, there are no leaks or improper use of customer information, there is no use of the terms of the contract format against the interests of consumers and other illegal acts, hinder the healthy development of the real estate market. ?? In the examination of P2P net loan platform times, law enforcement officers found that the platform has released a series of real estate project loan products since October, to provide funds for the purchase of property buyers, the proportion of more than 50% housing loans, the annual interest rate of up to 15%, suspected to constitute "Shoufu loan", belongs to the relevant departments banned illegal behavior. At the same time, the platform is also suspected of false propaganda, to ensure that the investment income and other violations of the advertising law, the market will be handled according to law. For example, the company’s official website in October 24, 2016 began bidding for real estate project loans, the loan amount of 2 million 300 thousand yuan. The project shows that the borrower is a legal representative of Shenzhen Trading Co., Ltd. and the actual controller, the borrower engaged in real estate brokerage and international trade for many years, the purpose of the loan is used for the acquisition of real estate. Law enforcement officials said that the alleged acts of the country is now expressly prohibited real estate down payment loan". Down payment loan to make a lot of online real estate lending platform continues to increase lending, increase the leverage ratio of funds, virtually push the property market. At the time of the property market, this approach seems safe, but once the property market down, then the capital chain will be broken, facing the problem of funds can not be recovered. ?? In the LaSalle bank’s Shenzhen City Housing baby Financial Information Services Limited (LaSalle set gold) and Shenzhen cnseiren microfinance Limited (LaSalle small loan) discovered in the inspection of LaSalle small loan company’s main business is "home cloud loan projects, mainly for the purchase of housing and other consumer credit loans, loan funds from LaSalle gold financial platform for the Internet, the flow of funds is used to pay the first payment of the purchase, the Bureau said further verification, and such violations to deal with the financial department. The site also found suspected illegal advertising platform in LaSalle gold.相关的主题文章:

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