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Shenzhen Hong Kong through early November to complete the opening – Politics – newspaper Shenzhen on 26 August,     (reporter Deng Wei) 26, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued "Shenzhen stock exchange Shenzhen industry service implementation measures (Draft)" and "Shenzhen stock exchange of Hong Kong stocks through investors management guidelines (draft)", the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the relevant business rules for public opinion. Shenzhen, Shenzhen Tong design adhere to the basic frame and mode of the Hong Kong and Shanghai through the same principle, from Shanghai and Hong Kong through the successful experience in the trading settlement, the amount of investment management, Hong Kong stocks through investors, market supervision, self-discipline management main operation mechanism and institutional arrangements are a reference to Shanghai and Hong kong. The Shenzhen – Hong Kong stocks through the stock compared with Shanghai and Hong Kong, the difference lies in the expansion of the Hong Kong stocks through the stock range, in Shanghai and Hong Kong on the basis of the new market value of 5 billion Hong Kong dollars and above the Hang Seng Composite small stock index, and included in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and listed on the main board of the stock exchange all A+H H. Shenzhen and Shanghai and Hong Kong through the same set of total quotas, set a daily limit, the amount of calculation formula and measurement of diameter, amount of control mechanism, exchange rate, amount of usage patterns are released, the current mechanism consistent with Shanghai and Hong kong. The early opening, through the deep sale of shares through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem stock investors is limited to the Hongkong rules defined by the institutions of professional investors, to solve the relevant regulatory matters, other investors can participate in the gem stock trading. Deep GEM stocks investors through the sale of shares, the relevant provisions of China Commission and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem market appropriate management is not applicable, but must comply with the Hongkong stock market regulations and business rules. At present, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the stock exchange, Chinese settlement and other parties have completed the main work rules, the two exchanges and mutual Clearing Corp technology system development and simulation testing has been completed, the work in an orderly way. Is expected to complete the preparatory work to be opened in early November, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through business requirements. As for the market concerned through the opening of Hong Kong, A can eliminate the presence of H shares market price? Shenzhen analysis pointed out that in the short term to eliminate the possibility of A small Shenzhen Hong Kong H-share market spreads. But in the long run, the two markets in the investor structure, investment philosophy, liquidity and other aspects will affect each other, help to gradually narrow the A h market spreads. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 27 August 02 Edition) (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章:

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