Shanxi Office of the first Chinese Culture Festival circle of scholars who show national costumes – queer as folk

Shanxi’s first run Chinese Culture Festival Ancient Chinese Literature Search circles "show" ethnic costumes – Beijing, Beijing, September 24 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Li Xinsuo) 24 days, on the eve of the famous ancient China educator Confucius 2567 anniversary of the birth of the Confucious’temple in Taiyuan, Shanxi from all walks of life to do the first Jin? Chinese culture and Art Festival ", the memorial sages, show Chinese traditional culture. Shanxi Sinology circle experts, scholars, said, after ten years of promotion, popularization, Sinology education from the spontaneous culture to enhance the cultural consciousness. The return of a good culture, the revival is bound to experience twists and turns, repeated. The same day, Shanxi Wen Ying college, many Chinese folk culture promotion in Shandong, Hebei, Henan and Tianjin, and other provinces and cities to promote Chinese culture institutions who gathered in Confucious’temple in Taiyuan, Chinese dance, classical music show, trying to spread Chinese culture, more and more people approached, understand the influence of Chinese traditional culture. Curl the harp, shuttle mostly dressed in traditional Hanfu, as if people go back to ancient times scene. The officiating founder who led the people finishing clothes, for the statue of Confucius bow three. The periphery of the crowd, many people from the field came to worship Confucius. Chairman, Qingdao Association Chinese Hanfu Hanfu museum curator Wang Zhongkun said, compared with the Shanxi Hanfu circle, Chinese Hanfu Museum on the five floor, an area of more than 2 thousand square meters, the exhibition from the pre Qin to Ming and Qing Han representative clothing. Wang Zhongkun said, in Shandong local, Hanfu has been many enterprises, public recognition, and deep into the lives of ordinary people, learning. The same day, in the face of many traditional culture lovers, Shanxi province contemporary Confucianism Research Association, Taiyuan Wen Wei Ying college, founder said, and before the promotion of traditional culture are different, the young in the broad field of vision, and the western modern culture, they made a comparison, selection, heartfelt love geothermal national excellent traditional culture. Wei Fong said, after ten years of development, Shanxi in Hanfu, traditional music, Ancient Chinese Literature Search promotion, has been at the leading level. However, the spread of Sinology education also exist to follow the trend of virtual heat, heavy form of light content. In this regard, Taiyuan fifth senior Chinese teacher Zhao Mingsheng believes that the revival of traditional culture is bound to go through repeated twists and turns, Ancient Chinese Literature Search should the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, objectively, unmoved either by gain or loss. Compared with previous years, Taiyuan traditional culture enthusiasts have great progress in etiquette, literacy, but there are still heavy form, surface, lack of understanding, the traditional spirit of precipitation. (end)相关的主题文章:

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