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.puters-and-Technology As the technology advances, more than one .puter for home users is more .mon these days. By setting a home network you can share your .mon printer and scanner and can use them from both .puters. Using some .puter support steps you can set your home network. For setting up a home network you will need to have a router which will be the central point for your network setting. You can get the home networking kit including the router, Ethernet adapter and CAT-5 networking cable from a good electronics store. If your .puter is not older than five years you should have an Ethernet cable already. Check for it at the back of the system unit to look for a port like telephone jack but bigger in size. If you dont have an ethernet adapter its not a big deal as you can buy it easily and can install it to your system. You can also make use of an Ethernet adapter that can be inserted into a USB port, suggest the .puter support guys. Now you can make the home network wireless or wired. You can connect each of your .puters to the router or you can make the connection wireless too. If you want to have wireless connections, you will need to have wireless router and wireless adapter for each of your .puter. Most of the laptops have built-in wireless adapters. Tech support guys suggest that if you use the wired connection you can have the clutter of cables at your home but wireless connection can pose security threat as they are configured by default to allow access to .puters that try to connect to the Internet. No matters your network connection travel through air or wired you need to share network resources to make the other .puters access them. If you are using XP, MAX OS X, you will need to connect your .puter systems to the router and it will establish the Internet connection. If you still have not the connection you can restart your .puter to connect it. If still not connected properly, you need to refer to the user manual. If you are using the router the nice thing is that you will have firewalls built in the hardware. Firewalls protect your .puter system and it ensures the safe email and surfing experience. So .puter help experts suggest you to turn off the firewalls after you have installed the router. Now you will need to set up the sharing for your printer, scanner and files. These can be done quite easily suggest the .puter support experts. For sharing a printer, you need to go to the control panel and need to right click on the printer that you nee to share. Now you need to choose the sharing from the menu. You have to give the printer a name to allow the other users on the .work to use that. By browsing the .work Neighborhood or My .work Places, you can share the printers. Using the same concept you can share the files on the .work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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