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"Slobber oil" Hot pot   Changzhou Liyang 7 suspects have been arrested, Jiangsu channel — original title: "slobber oil" Hot pot 7 people were arrested in October 13th Modern Express learned from the Liyang police, the new development of Liyang Hu Nanshan Hot pot "slobber oil case, 7 people involved in law the arrest. In September 6th, police received the alarm after the informants and the media, in conjunction with the market supervision department on the spot seized Hu Hot pot in Nanshan suspected slobber oil and other goods. In mid September, the Liyang Municipal Center for Disease Control of Hot pot store pot sampling, after inspection found confirmation, acid value and peroxide value were exceed the standard, the acid value reached 6.5, more than the highest standards of 2.5 (KOH) (mg g) two times more. According to police, Hu Liyang Nanshan shop to collect customer Hot pot leftover soup Hot pot oil, add seasoning oil refining the Hot pot again, commonly known as "slobber oil", according to the provisions of the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the" drainage oil "to punish the criminal activities in accordance with the law of the notice". Is a kind of "drainage oil", such "slobber oil" after repeated boiling temperature, peroxide value and acid value which is doubled, the harm to human health. October 12th, according to the Liyang Municipal People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of hot pot shop owner Wang Moumou, Tao Moumou, Lee, Zhang and the store staff wearing, Yao, kim. According to the police, Wang Moumou confessed that they store business is good, one day it takes a barrel of about 150 kg of oil "slobber". Currently, the case is being further processed. (Zhang Liang Ge Xiaolin) (commissioning editor Ma Xiaobo and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:

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